Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Trash not Bombs

Whilst looking for news on the Sydney riots, I discovered this article in the Sydney Morning Herald which I am reprinting as a service to the activist community.
Another of Phil's penny-saving scams is dumpster diving. Come again? "It's where you raid industrial-sized bins out the back of supermarkets [for free food]," he explains.

After squelching his hands past "rotting vegetable matter", Phil claims to find quality produce such as "organic, wood-fired sourdough bread, biodynamic yoghurt and organic bush honey" - all protected from other garbage by plastic packaging. Such items, he says, get thrown out because their labels are damaged or their use-by dates have passed - not because they're inedible.

Phil says he's not the only one who does it. An international activist network known as "Food Not Bombs" prepares free feasts at protest gatherings using pre-loved ingredients from supermarket bins.
Previous report on "Freeganism".

Meanwhile, apparently unclear on the distinction between "scamming", "rorting" and downright theft, it would appear the Sydney Morning Herald endorses theft, including copies of its own paper:
Look swish: Buy a suit from a department store to look good at a job interview, then return it the following day to get your money back.

Lost and found: Go to CityRail's lost-property office and "reclaim" items you supposedly mislaid - they don't always ask if they're yours.

Petty pilfering: "Borrow" plates, glasses and cutlery from shopping centre food courts to stock unfurnished student pads.
Stay informed: As you stagger home after clubbing all night, "collect" the weekend papers on the pavement in front of your local newsagency at 5am.

Free CDs: Tell record companies you're setting up a new magazine so they send you CDs to review.

Tomato tricks: Snap the green stems off expensive vine-ripened tomatoes before reaching the supermarket checkout to pay the less-expensive price.

Bum deal: OK, now we're scraping the bottom of the barrel. Nick toilet paper from an office or public loos to use at home.

As the article isn't satire, it seems some parts of the MSM, notably the Sydney Morning Herald and Indymedia really aren't that different after all.

Do stolen newspapers count towards circulation figures?

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