Thursday, April 28, 2005


Incitement to Criminal Vandalism

Via Seattle Indymedia comes details of Freeze the Media Day in two weeks on May 9.
"Freeze the Media Day" is when people all around the country drop superglue and toothpicks into the money slots of slimy corperate media newspaper dispensers. This is a statement to figures who like to put themselves in places of power that the power still remains with the people and that we can still tear down any institutions we feel the need to because the were built over the labor on our backs. This is also a message to them that we won't tolerate the bullshit spins they put out to keep us in a constants state of fear and obediance. This is a nationwide event, and we're looking for solidarity everywhere to help spread this empowering message.
The statement is of course "We are criminals". The message is "we aren't very intelligent either".

Seattle is of course where Indymedia started.

Update: Before anyone can say this is just a prank or a deliberate covert-op attempt to discredit Indymedia, they should know that Portland, Santa Cruz and San Francisco Indymedia have all jumped on the bandwagon. No doubt more are to come. Update of an update: (Bondage fans of all things, are discussing just that theory).

Thanks to Michelle Malkin, Rusty Shackleford at the Jawa Report, Tim Blair, Sound Politics and everyone else in my referrer logs who is kindly linking to me and making me seriously question the future of Trackback. I now wish I were selling tee-shirts on the site...

Update 2: One of the comments on my blog makes an interesting point enunciated perfectly by someone over at Jawa: 'Considering that the evil corporate newpapers are about 99.999% rabidly liberal, anti-American Pravda wannabes, maybe this should be called Cutting Off Our Noses To Spite Our Faces Day'.

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What's next, stink bombs in all corporate head offices...hey you'll flush me out...I hate stink bombs!!!
Wow! Leftists attacking Liberals. This should be good. Will the ACLU represent both sides?
Folks, as a Seattle IndyMedia volunteer, I believe you are wrong.

Indymedias do not advocate anything. we simply give a forum for anyone to use.

We hope for good, well thought out articles. We sometimes get idiots.

idiots have access to the world wide web, and therefore post their idiotic rantings all over the place.

Much as dogs do pissing on fire posts.

Don't give the kooks more credibility than they deserve.

But you give the idiots a microphone.
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