Monday, December 27, 2004


Is this as good as it gets?

Via the Global Indymedia Page comes this.
Monster Quake and Tsunami Devastates South Asia. It's from Victoria Indymedia where it appears half an inch up from other 'breaking news' - "Israel and US Moves in the Middle East: Pimps and Whores".
C.B.C. Television News is now reporting the after-effects of a massive earthquake centred in the Indian Ocean. The estimated 8.5 Richter Scale quake hit early this morning local time.
The global page syndicates what one must assume to be the highlights from the 'worldwide independent media consortium'. A couple of paragraphs, lifted in entirety from the (evil scumsucking) corporate media. Is this really the best they can do? If it were a 'corporate' (evil scumsucking) media outlet, half of them would have been sacked in the last 24 hours for such an oversight.

Of course, Indy Media isn't the same as the corporate media is it? They're much better right?

Update: I just remembered, this is not the first time a major tragedy has barely registered on Indy Media's richter scale been noticed by Indy Media.

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