Thursday, December 09, 2004


Yes My Liege...

Looking through my referrer logs, I came across this discussion on Liege IMC. Google will translate it (really badly) from French here

I last reported on Belgian Indymedia here and looking around their site, not a lot appears to have changed.

Regrettably, in the page linking back to my site, I really couldn't understand a whole lot of it. Curiously, some of the replies were in English and one was critical of my blog, hence the link. Referring to massive criticism of Indy Media, another said:

if such attacks didn't exist, Indymedia wouldn't be doing its job

I see. In other words, unless people complain, you just aren't doing your job properly. Uh, what exactly is your job again?

Commenting on my blog one poster said:
Other anti-indymediasites:

If you read the texts you will see that the same tactics are used over and over again.

Apparently legitimate and deserved criticism is a "tactic". Silly me just thought I was trying to point out how totally perverted Indy Media had become. Now I know I'm actually part of a conspiracy. Gee I wish someone had told me earlier!

Once again for the record: This is not an anti-Indymedia site. It is however highly critical of the wholesale abuse of the Indy Media platform which has turned it into a garbage dump. The Indy Media stakeholders, rather than doing something about it, continue to insist it's not their fault, it's someone else's fault and now, apparently it's my fault as well.

I've said it before. At some point, Indy Media will need to grow up and accept responsibility. If not, pack up and go home but you can't have it each way and expect to be taken seriously.

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