Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Indy Media Watch Implicated in Broader Belgian Conspiracy

In between waffles and anti-Semitism, the Belgians are now fighting over who owns belgium.indymedia.org.

Whilst personally, I would be fighting against anyone who claimed I was part of the group responsible for this it seems:
"People from new IMC projects in Belgium keep on claiming that they are the “one and only real IMC” and therefore should be entitled the use of the url belgium.indymedia.org. ...They now even officialized their campaign with a wiki page : http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/BelgiumSituationEn"
The last link reads like a political thriller. Money stolen, political backstabbing and fraud. Absent from all of this of course is quality journalism.

The response however was even more interesting:
We think that most of the information in the text is based on rumors and sometimes there are also plain lies. We feel it is necessary to reply to those rumors and lies. We will not answer all the “intentions” as they can not be verified, we will stick as much as possible to facts and will as less as possible judge the work done by the local IMC's in Belgium.
They then go on to list a series of "facts" such as:
"We can only notice that most of accusations can also be found on zionist and richtwing websites. Frontpagemag has an artickle on Seattle.indymedia.org (the mother of all IMC's) with the same logic claiming inydmedia is a front organisation of the Communist Party (USA)"
They are of course referring to this interesting Frontpage Magazine article. However, apparently:
Other website were you can prose that has a lot in common with turlututu's literature and frontpagemag are:

Woohoo! I'm involved in the conspiracy! Never mind the fact that I've never heard of turlututu, made only a couple of passing references in my Blog to Belgian Indymedia and don't visit their site often simply because I don't speak enough French or Dutch to understand any of it (except ubiquitous anti-US and anti-Israel crosspostings). But thanks for the recognition guys, I'm touched. Really!

What can I say? I don't know/understand their grievances, but if turlututu and friends are against the conspiracy theorist nutbags, racists, trolls and morons that have driven people like me away from other Indymedia sites, then more power to them. If not, whatever man...

And it's nice to know that I am a richtwing site as well. And to think, I had just recovered from being labelled a Zionists extremists.

Whilst one side of me tends to randomly support whichever side of this foreign argument doesn't call me names, I think I'll continue to just stay out of this one.

N.B Conspiracist theorists - note the word "continue" in the preceding statement.

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