Friday, December 24, 2004


Kansas is Back!

Oh look, Kansas City IMC is back!
thanks to from many different people we're ready to resume reporting the news deemed unworthy by corporate media.
You know... News deemed unworthy by corporate media such as this:
Remember when the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini used to call the United States the Great Satan? Sure you probubly laughed at this crazy bearded madman with his impassioned anti-American rhetoric. [ed: I am still laughing at your English] Many comedians back in the 70's made quite a living assailing him. Politicians past and present still bring up his oratory pertaing to America being the Great Satan. News media airheads parrot these Washington insiders.

Well, I got very sad news for you and for all of the world, The Ayatollah hit the nail right on its head...the United States of America is The Great Satan!
If you, like me, saw the movie "The Omen", than you were probubly scared out of your panthose months after seeing it. Well as they say, Art minics reality.
And this article (ahem) minics galloping stupidity. Such a shame the "corporate media" don't print stuff like this isn't it? And check out the accompanying graphics which prove (as always) that America really does equal Satan:

I also cringed at this new form of protest, the die-in.

To their credit, KC Indymedia have hidden (Indy Media's impotent answer to filth-deletion) numerous articles which are still proudly displayed on other Indy Media websites as previously reported here. There is still a long way to go before they can credibly believe they are an alternative to the mainstream media, rather than merely an alternative to commonsense.

Err... Welcome back KC Indymedia.

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