Wednesday, December 29, 2004


More useful Indy Media Contributions to the Tsunami Victims

Before the bodies were even cold, whilst America had given millions of dollars to a tragedy they were ultimately not directly affected by, callous slime were already complaining about America's stinginess or even going so far as blaming America for the earthquake itself.

Over on IndyMedia whilst they completely failed to report on the tsunami in the first place they have now dragged themselves away from constant anti-America, anti-Semitic and anti-Western condemnation to report on the tsunami cleanup.

How? How else...By anti-America, anti-Semitic and anti-Western condemnation.

Highlights from Sydney IndyMedia (please hold your nose):
Saudi is a puppet dictator you imbecile, so is Egypt and Jordan and the rest of the rag heads are currently under occupation or attack. so what is your point pinhead maybe that the ussa offered up pocket change amounting to less than it spends in an hour trying to concur Iraq? Or maybe the only money the ussa is going to spend will go to beef up it bases in the area...

The only help they need is to haul off all those fat dead tourist-jewish perverts whos corpes are litering the beaches
Melbourne Indymedia:

George Bush and the facist, capitalist, imperialist Americans are responsible for this disaster!
Darwin IndyMedia:
Amerika's Obscene "Humanity"
Manila IndyMedia
Tsunami Relief as a Subterfuge?
Is the tsunami aftermath a "window of opportunity" for bolstering the Pentagon's presence in Southeast Asia?
And on it goes. Thanks for your help guys, the earthquake victims really appreciate it. No really!

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