Sunday, December 26, 2004


Invest in Oklahoma Tinfoil

This post on Oklahoma Indy Media is another one of those that the 'corporate media' just refuse to run. I wonder why?

The author, Joe Vialls has been summed right up more than once at Whacking Day. Short summary: He's completely insane.

- The Sari Club bombing in bali was a "mini nuke" planted by the Israelis.
- The Australian embassy in Jakarta was "nuked".
- The massacre at the school in Beslan was done by "Zionists from Wall Street".
- A fearsome alliance between Iran & Iraq is going to "destroy Israel and the USA" with their fearsome array of "attack jets".
- The guy they caught in Iraq last December wasn't Saddam Hussein.
- Seoul is arranging a nuclear attack on Hawaii.
- The Nicholas Berg murder on video was committed by Jews.
- The train accident in Ryongchong, North Korea was in fact a nuclear strike by "Zionists".
- Jews are planning to turn Miami into a fortress city of Zion.
- The Madrid train bombings were committed by Israel.
- Israel is going to invade America.
- Vladamir Putin is going to nuke Israel.
- "Arab attack jets" are going to destroy Israel.
- The Port Arthur massacre was organised by Israel.
- Cyclone Zoe was in fact a new-age "Weather Warfare" weapon. Invented by Jews of course.
- the USA and Israel are conducting mass mind-control via satellite.
- Israel is conducting "subliminal warfare" by using TV images in the USA.

Thank heavens he's got Indy Media. I look forward to his forthcoming expose on the (ahem) real reason behind the tragic earthquake in South East Asia.
Something occurred to me. Several bloggers who have linked to me have made comments along the lines of: "Indy Media Watch saves you having to read the filth on Indy Media". And therein lies the problem. Many intelligent rational people want nothing to do with Indy Media having migrated en masse to other political blogs (irrespective of their political orientation, left right or center). As such, now that the more intelligent ones have fled, there has been a continuing distillation of stupidity on Indy Media.

The stupid ones convince each other that there is broad acceptance of their insane view of the world, simply because very often no one argues with them.

So what do we do?

Well, I for one am not going to waste valuable time arguing with morons.
- Jews are planning to turn Miami into a fortress city of Zion.

Take it, please!
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