Thursday, December 23, 2004


Illegal and immoral consumption of oxygen

This morning's Sesame Street was brought to me by the letter V.
With that in mind, I chose Canada's Victoria Indymedia for my browsing pleasure. It was bad...

Evil Pundit suggested my site was "keeping an eye on the loony left so you don't have to". He's only half-right. The far-right seem to have found their home on Victoria Indymedia as well, with bona fide Nazis posting as freely as the anti-Bush, anti-America comrades and a few apolitical lunatics in between for good measure. I always wondered when the extreme right and the extreme left would kiss and make up. Apparently, it's already happening on one website.

Anyway, as Evil Pundit said: "so you don't have to" I have compiled a list of 'what's news in Victoria".

Local Victoria News - Israel's Battle in Fallujah

It has become clear that Israel played a major role in the battle for Fallujah, despite the American concern to conceal this fact
...oh, and the teeny fact that there is no hard eh-vee-dence provided by the article to support it either (wooops, except for the link to a an Arab News source who are no doubt even-handed in these matters).

Waaaait a minute, that link is the source of the Indy Media piece, copied and pasted directly. I'm crushed, so much for "locally" produced independent media, let's move on.

Here's more (ahem) "local" Victoria News:
Al-Qaeda suspect incarcerated - Therefore, according to Victoria Indy Media, Canada's Zionist lead march towards a police state took one more step on the path of the death of freedom.

Well, it is kinda "local" news isn't it? I mean it had the word Canada in there.

Let's duck over to "Global news" (kindly hold your breath folks)

Hamas vows revenge against Israel

" Al-Zahar says Israeli occupation is the cause of the conflict...Aggression from Israel will be reacted by self-defence ... whether within the occupied territories or outside the Green Line

"Outside the Green Line" of course refers to the rest of Israel as well, so when he refers to "Israeli occupation" he is referring to "occupation" of anywhere on the planet.

As for "self defence"... From this?

The above 4 young Jewish children and their pregnant mother were shot at point blank range in (ahem) "self-defence" by Hamas.

But wait, that entire article was also lifted word for word from Al-Jazeera. Of course it gets better, but like myself, you have probably lost interest in a recurring theme, that is:

a) Constant abuse of Israel on the site to the exlusion of any other country with far worse human rights

b) "Local" (i.e. Victoria news) only really being local to say Jerusalem

c) No original material to be found at all, merely constant reposting of Arab news or other anti-Israel websites.

With respect to this last point, as the Arab news and Nazi groups already have websites, what exactly is the point of Victoria's so-called "local independent media"?

Finally, as it's Xmas, I would have really liked to explore some material on the site that wasn't concerned with vilifying Israel, but I apologize, it simply would have taken too long to find it on Victoria IMC when up to half or more of all the so-called "global" material on the site is about only one country. Blame Sesame Street's sponsors for inspiring me I guess!

Of course so that no one calls me a "Zionists Extremists" again, by daring to suggest I'm trying to censor discussion of Israel, may I make a polite request:

Hey IMC Victoria, if you want to pick on a country, why not share the love and try this one:
A 14 year old boy died on Thursday, November 11th, after having received 85 lashes; according to the ruling of the Mullah judge of the public circuit court in the town of Sanandadj he was guilty of breaking his fast during the month of Ramadan.
You know... Only if you can find the time. Then I won't have to talk about Israel.

Hello?..... Anyone?..... I can't hear you over these crickets....

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