Friday, December 15, 2006


UK Indymedia - Not just Antisemites!

Via comments on this earlier post:
UK is inconsistent in its hiding policy and there is an excellent example on the site right now. [ I have appended the ?c=all suffix so you can see any comments which are ultimately hidden (but not those that have been deleted) -ed ]

This post concerns a protest about some Cuban intelligence officers who were arrested in the US for spying. The report is full of innacuracies and anti American bias but that doesn't stop it being left on the site. Compare this with the posts that featured reports and photos about protests AGAINST the Cuban government, these were all quickly removed or hidden. A detailed report earlier this year concerning political prisoners in Cuba (held for nothing more than seeking democracy in their own country) was removed on the three occasions it was posted.

I think we can take it as read that the majority of Indymedia moderators hold a view that is Left of centre (I certainly do) but to show this level of support for a regime that has denied democratic elections to its people for over 50 years and has imprisioned people for no more than their views and calls for reform is a disgrace.
These are the people Indymedia should be supporting and reporting on.

ex IMC'er
UK Indymedia a disgrace? No!

All 4 of those comments came from theex IMCer/Raul/UK IMC Monitoring Team troll

He's an even bigger liar than the watcher, who still continues to lie about the origins of the Glasgow comments.

You 2 deserve each other
Thats right Sam all those people who complain about the problems on INDYMEDIA UK are just one person.

Course they are
ex imcer/imc monitoring team/indymedia GB/Raul etc etc is indeed the most prolific troll on uk - not the only one mind - but nothing surprising about the fact that he's using this log of lies to promote his own hidden handywork - he is self obsessed above everything.

He of course claims to be part of something bigger - but no-one has yet posted those urls on this site - have they?

And interestingly enough - the monitoring team and indymedia GB are no longer promoted on IMC UK.

He, more than anyone is destroying whatever credibility IMW thought it had - and hurrah for that.

It's easy ro prove that IMCer/Raul/UK IMC Monitoring Team are all the same person but it requires the owner of this blog to be honest. No going to happen.
I think folks have gotten too concerned with who is posting comments. I don’t care if every comment on this site is by one schizophrenic individual, when someone makes a comment that is intelligent and on topic, it should stay. When someone makes a comment at does nothing to further the conversation and is intended simply to spam, then it should be removed. I could honestly care less if “Sam” is the one who posts under a different name when spamming, or anyone other individual for that matter. Comments that serve no purpose on a thread should be removed: period.
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