Monday, December 04, 2006


So Long and Thanks for All the Err.... Umm...

Charlottesville Indymedia is gone and its URL is now pointing to gay porn.

You've been warned.

De facto proof of the Nazimedia using the lowest of the low for hosting.

Leftists are nothing but Regressive trash.
Much rather have it pointing towards gay porn than the usual homophobic left-right convergence paranoia.

I never heard of that word until some pervert invented it. And the Regressives latched onto it like crazed Borg.

It's incredible how the stupidest of the stupid can accept something so easily and so globally, and there's always another Hitler or Jim Jones or Castro or Stalin or Mao waiting in the bath-house for them.
You know, I thought the gay porn websites I frequent were hosting more and more nonsensical and undocumented “news” stories.
I've seen what some of the people who use IM look like. Pornography would not be a good career option for the vast majority of them. No self-respecting gay man would want naked pics of smelly, dreadlocked white stoners.
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