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UK Indymedia - Rethinking IMC

UK Indymedia is discussing the closure of Italy Indymedia as previously reported on this site. A comment appeared on the post, reprinted here in full.
Work for word, the italian statement on indymedia italy could be applied in the UK. Is it time to shut down and relaunch IMC UK?

Not a day goes by without serious complaints about the behviour of the elite core of admin password holders, complaints of censorship and sabotage. It's clear that there are elements within the elite core of indymedia that are abusing their power and totally beyond control. It's getting beyond a joke and we agree with previous posters (all hidden) that it's time to rethink indymedia put a stop to the abuse. However, people within indymedia uk have tried before and failed. There is a nobel history of brave individuals trying to stand up to and expose the infiltrators at the core of indymedia only to find themselves the victims of lies, slander and sabotage before being hounded out of their collectives.

I spoke to several people within imc uk regional collectives at the recent network meeting in london about these issues and we connected up after in the pub to hatch a plan for a coup to reclaim indymedia. The timing could not be better - infact it could be make or break time for indymedia. You probably won't have heard about the crisis over the server money that somebody sat on two years. We are not talking a small amount either but over five grand donated for new servers but ending up almost vanishing were it not for one angry contributor asking difficult questions. Another indymedia supporter has jumped ship, also pissed off with the state of democracy within the core collective. That ex-supporter is taking offline about 70% of indymedias global server capacity!

So now new servers must be bought and this opens new opportunities to wrestle back control from the rouge elements. However, it's going to be difficult. We aim to put together a dosier of evidence to prove beyond doubt just who the inflitrators are who are hell bent on discrediting indymedia through their heavy handed abuse of moderation, hidding, loosing, deleting and even editing posts. We will then present this evidence to not only the wider imc uk collectives but more importantly to the global indymedia DNS and new indymedia working groups who have the power to hand back the domain name to a newly formed collective.

To do this we need your help. Due to indymedia's policy of not keeping logs, it is very difficult to establish which admin person is comminting the offences. We need you to report abuse in as much detail as possible so that we can cross reference against the times each admin account was logged on. Please fill in our incident reports with the article or comment number, time of publish, time of moderation if know, the uneditted full text of the post in question and any further details about the offence.


Obviously this post will soon be hidden as it abuses posting guidelines but it can not be deleted or edited without exposing the person responsible.

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As predicted, the comment was hidden.

Update: More than hidden, the comment has now been deleted without a trace.

Anyone who has read "Sam Wilson's" comments in previous posts here, will appreciate the depth of denial (and possible fume inhalation) at UK Indymedia. I have no idea who's responsible for the above, however it certainly is past time to rethink the IMC.

While thinking about it, try shoplifting!

"In praise of shoplifting"

Those Unbathed "intellectuals" really lift Civilization to it's highest, don't they?
Why does this blog post made up stories? I followed the link and there is no such comment hidden or otherwise. Also, many of this blogs other critisisms about the content of posts on indy sites refer to posts which imc collecitives obviously don't aprove of either as they have been hidden. Looks like somebody should be watching the watcher to keep him honest.
Thank you for your comment.

It appears the comment on UK Indymedia has been deleted altogether (as opposed to merely hidden).

You can watch me all you like, your accusations are incorrect and unfair.

UK Indymedia obviously takes major exception to the comment.
Looks like somebody should be watching the watcher to keep him honest.

After reading comments on the Nazimedia from the decadent, immoral, and unethical who sang the praises of theft, one can only marvel at the horrific stupidity of the Unbathed who dares suggest this site needs watching.
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