Thursday, December 07, 2006


The Revolutionary Rapist

Odd that all the talk about community rights and “public safety” seem to fall by the wayside at Indymedia when it is the police and local authorities that fancy instituting such policies.
“Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

This is one of the many classes that bothered me to the core. The more I look the worse it is.
Here is part of the course flier and some links about CPTED.

Peoples Park and how CPTED is altering it. "According to Nov. 13 Advisory Committee minutes, the concept, introduced by Berkeley Police Chief Doug Hambleton, is called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, CPTED. The goal is to remove obstructions so that police can see what’s going on in the park from their patrol cars."

Wow, what a terrible concept: police actually being able to see rapists and vandals before they take action! What a reactionary lot those local authorities are! I guess public safety takes a back seat to ideological purity.

The mind boggles as what

"actually being able to see rapists and vandals before they take action!"


Following this line of thought to the logical conclusion, all bushes and trees should be removed from public spaces so that the cops can see felons BEFORE they take place.

Why would people want bushes and trees if they have nothing to hide?
Well if Sam is opposed to it, you are sure that it is one good idea.

I know this sounds terrible to you Sam, but most folks actually WANT to feel safe walking through parks, and having the police design them so that rapists and the like have less of an advantage is a good thing.

A park that is more visible will deter individuals who wish to pray on others in such places. I am sorry that such a novel concept is adherent to you.
*abhorrent not adherent
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