Monday, December 11, 2006


Violence preferred

A Melbourne Indymedia poster advocates violence over democracy in the comments of one of the many pro-David Hicks threads, "Thousands rally for David Hicks":
shoot the cunt (and his front bench) instead, its cleaner and far more effective than Rudd as PM .. just another puppet singing a familliar tune (with slightly different lyrics)
Of course, the same writer would be thoroughly outraged by suggestions that left-wing politicians should be shot, and would say that this would be anti-democratic. We should be thankful nobody has vocally agreed with the above comment yet, although in true style nobody on Indymedia will come out and denounce it.

But never let it be said that they don't support democracy and human rights.

Hey! Great blog, I think this is long over due - Indymedia is crap, especially here in the UK.

However - You claim this indymedia poster would not call for the same treatment to be meted out to 'leftwing politicos' are you a mind reader?

I'm a leftwinger but I can't say I'm a big fan of most leftwing politicians, and this bloke might say the same.

Keep up the otherwise good work though ;-)
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