Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Tribute To Progressives

Via the Songun Blog, a thank you to all comradely progressive brothers and sisters.

So, have you become Songun Blog Watch?

Or how do you explain that one?

All those indymedias out there and you're showing some crap movie....
Not only is Sam Wilson wrong-headed, he is also too dense to get the humour. Why am I not surprised.
At the risk of sounding stupid, is Songun a parody site? If it weren't for some of the comments, I'd say yes. But honestly, because of those comments I can't tell.
This classic piece of "black propaganda" reminds me of something SmashTheLeft once posted on a now defunct BBS called "Best of Berkeley":


"I've really enjoyed sharing highlights from the North Korean News with the folks over at
It's really a riot!


* * * * *

For more about "black propaganda," see:
nessie's spamming binge has reached here too, I see. Must be holiday depression that's set him off this round.

For absolutely mind blowing megalomaniacal idiocy, see:
So what's this all about then?

At first take it would seem as if the OP was a sympathiser of the DRNK's Stalinist Dictatorship.

At second take it would seem that the OP was in fact a sympathiser of everything that all left progressives are vehemently oppossed to.

The OP sounds like a troll to me.
Is this the wannabee right wing "libertarian" version of Indy?

Or am I just getting confused
I think the 'Tribute to Progressives' is a joke (that our friend Sam Wilson did not get).

They have taken some of Zombie's photos (I think that is the source) of bizarre American progressives and added a North Korean propaganda song as a sound track.

I think the Songun Blog is playing it straight for laughs.

KCNA is a real news service from North Korea, that is unintentionally hilarious.

That said, there are some people who do take North Korea seriously and really do admire the 'Dear Leader'. The Sparticist League for one.

The North American leader of the pro North Korean movement is (seriously) a homeless guy.
That said, there are some people who do take North Korea seriously and really do admire the 'Dear Leader'. The Sparticist League for one.

The Sparticist League are a tiny cult with right wing tendencies. Nothing new there.

Now tell me about those people who do take North Korea seriously and really do admire the 'Dear Leader'.

I would be most interested.
Hello :)
Bushyboy is gonna have to start licking the boots of the Iranians and the Syrians for his own safety never mind touching cloth with the NKs.

The empire is fucked.

Viva Chavez.
>For absolutely mind blowing megalomaniacal idiocy, see:

It looks like SmashTheLeft is on another nessie obsessed spam binge. Why is this guy so obsessed with nessie? Could it be because nessie spurned his, uh, "romantic" overtures? Unrequited, uh, "love" knows no bounds, does it? Poor Smashy, stuck in the closet and hung up on a straight guy. What a sad, sad, lot in life. No wonder he gets so upset sometimes. Poor little guy. "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," indeed. Is his current pseudonym a Freudian slip, or a desperate plea for help? After all, what kind of guy likes to be known by a pseudonym that alludes to "servicing" a queen?
"Viva Chavez."

I assume that was a joke, and what a joke!

Odd that in a thread spoofing left totalitarians, we had someone throw support behind the new poster boy to leftist stateism, Hugo.

I am always down for honest criticism and ideas, but backing yet another militaristic South American leader? How unique!
That North Korea news site,, is hilarious. The following is a direct quote: "General Secretary Kim Jong Il inspected a women's battalion of KPA Unit 3993...He acquainted himself in detail with the service and living of its servicepersons, going round an education room, bedroom, mess hall, kitchen, wash-cum-bath house, non-staple food store and other places."
After all, what kind of guy likes to be known by a pseudonym that alludes to "servicing" a queen?

The name is a play on words. It grew from this major display of abject idiocy. The gist of it is that a post he made over two years ago was all of a sudden not his, that it was a Zionist Conspiracy, (and reading between the lines means that the CIA or Mossad or MI5 did it. He's never explained how an agent of the Global Zionist Conspiracy could have traveled back in time and post in defense of such a mental defective.

"Did nessie post these words? YES or NO: "
by one more time Monday June 12, 2006 at 10:20 AM

No, nessie did not post that. It was probably Smashy, setting up fraudulent "evidence" for his spurious claim that "Die Like a Dog" was edited. virtually every day for years he and his crew have posted stuff that nessie didn't write, and signed his name to it. Sometimes it is anti-Semitic propaganda. Sometimes it is gibberish. Sometimes it is a near quote, that has had a few words changed to alter the meaning. On rare occassions, they post something nessie actually did write, but out f context. This is not such a case. This is yet another fabrication, one of countless such fabrications.

We can only wonder why anyone would go to such lengths to smear an IMCista. Three possibilities come to mind:

(1.) Perhaps this is one guy, SmashTheLeft, who has severe mental problems, not much of a life and access to a computer at work, or more likely, at his parents house.

(2.) Smearing any IMCista smears the whole network. There is a group of right wingers, "connected via email and personal web sites,: who are using every trick in their book, dirty and otherwise, to take over Indymedia, and when that failed, to discredit it.

They even confessed, or bragged, depending how you look at it:

(3.) Perhaps it not the work of one mental defective with a compulsion to act out in public, but cold, calculating psy-war. The Zionist propaganda mill knows full well that their grip on the progressive left is slipping fast. They are scrambling desparately to control Indymedia because they realize that it is one of the few places where they can still talk to progressive leftists. Nessie is an outspoken anti-racist

---break here to change undergarments after pissing yourself from laughing so hard---

who has relentlessly campaigned for their compete and total ban an all racist propaganda on Indymedia, not just Zionist, but Nazi, Klan or whatever. This is a direct threat to the Zionist propaganda mill's ability to spew their racist filth in front of a progressive left audience. So they have taken it upon themselves to attack nessie everywhere, and in any way, that they can. They publish anti-Semitic propaganda cut and pasted from Nazi sites, and sign the name "nessie" to it. The repost stuff nessie actually wrote, but with a few words changed to alter it's meaning. They attempt to portray nessie as a racist, a snitch, a child molester, a drunk, a felon, etc., in transparent, and thus vain, attempt to discredit him, and with him, anti-Zionism.

For details, see:

So maybe it not Smashy, or the FR/PW/KOBE cabal who is responsible for this, but the Zionist propaganda mill. That it is the work of the Zionist propaganda mill is the most likely explanation, because it is a fairly sophisticated maneuver. On the other hand, it is Smashy who obsesses on this alleged typo. To have planted bogus evidence this far in advance does appear to be a lot more sophisticated than Smashy usually appears capable, On the surface, Smashy appears to be fairly simple minded. But he may not be simple minded at all. It may be a ruse. Or, he may not even exist. He may be a sock puppet, a literary character created by a sophisticated psy-warrior.

Perhaps, we shouldn't worry too much about which of IMC's many enemies posted this disinformation and forged nessie's name to it. Whoever it was, (s)he was lying. Until there is a network wide, rigorously enforced, zero tolerance policy for disinformation and forgery, Indymedia can *never* be taken seriously as a source of news nd no IMCista can be taken seriously as an activist. Indymedia's enemies know this, They also know that nessie is a tireless campaigner for such a policy. That alone is enough to make him target for an attack. When a message is too true to attack, often it is the messenger who is attacked instead. That is what we are seeing here. It's an ad hominem, i.e., bunk logic. It's a trick. Don't fall for it.


That steaming pile of incoherence is a prime example of what the indymedia is all about, and what's at the rudder.
So who da fuck are you "On Her Butcher's Apron Service"?

You sound like a jumped up BNPer to me...come on spill the beans.

I laugh in your ignorance little boy.
I do love you really : )
Come Ahead Dork Face...I relish retards such as you.

Come ahead!
Ban me...that would be nice :)
Bastard right wing neocons aint even got the gumption to ban a simple anonymous person from their website?

Pussies galore.

Please ban me.

Otherwise...yadda yadda yadda

Goodnight and good luck.

Twats :)
Hey I'm still here :)
This is true democracy I suppose...Yeah!!
I think I'm gonna like it here :)
Go away ( and stop embarrassing yourself further, Sam Wilson.
So who the fuck are you Mrs Watcher? Huh!!
Are you another neocon failed cunt yeah?
We are all Sam Wilsom
Come on...ban me
Dirty right wing bastards

Please ban me :)
Since I haven't been banned so far.I'll take it that I can be a prosperous and eccuminical part of your psedo communnity...yes?

I thank you for the welcome dear children :)
A great deal of what is wrong with Indymedia is that you can't take what you read there at face value. Many sites on the network have been polluted with disinformation. Some of it is simply the result of inexperience and lack of training on the part of aspiring citizen journalists. Some of it is an organized effort to discredit IMC and to disrupt efforts of its readers to organize.

Forgeries are the quintessential disinformation. Anti-Zionists in general, and "nessie" in particular, have been targeted for years. Whether this is being done by paid agents of various state intelligence agencies (in the longstanding COINTELPRO tradition), or the work of grassroots, lone nuts like SmashTheLeft, is irrelevant. Either way, the effect is the same.

So is the MO:


Sometimes they take something that an anti-Zionist has written, subtly alter its meaning by changing a few words, and post it under the name of the original author.


* * * * *


Sometimes they post blatant anti-Semitism under the name of known anti-Zionists, myself included. Zionists are not the only people posting anti-Semitic propaganda on SF-IMC, or even the only forgers, but they are definitely among them, and by far the most aggressive and prolific. They can be doing it for one reason and one reason only, to make us look like anti-Semites, and thereby discredit us and discredit the anti-Zionist cause.


* * * * *

People who do stuff like this can't be trusted to be telling the truth about anything. But just because they are fundamentally dishonest, doesn't mean they aren't clever, or that they don't have plans for years in advance. Au contrair, some of these people are extremely clever. Their slander and forgeries can be incredibly subtle and insidious. Others, Smashy for example, are fairly dim bulbs, whose pathetic attempts delude IMC's readers are embarrassingly transparent.
A great deal of what is wrong with Indymedia is that you can't take what you read there at face value. Many sites on the network have been polluted with disinformation. Some of it is simply the result of inexperience and lack of training on the part of aspiring citizen journalists.

Thank the Lord that anyone who scrivens kindergarten swill like amplifiering happiness reflectors has the right to lecture the rest of us mere mortals on "journalism".

We would quite frankly be lost as a Civilization without terrorist fellators, suffering from delusions of grandeur, that haven't even one documented bona fide as a springboard for their pomposity.

Yet more proof of what the indymedia is. Everyone's a megastar in their own childish self-centered Universe.

Wow, this guy sure talks a lot about fellatio. But hey, what else could we expect from a guy whose very pseudonym references "servicing" a queen.
But hey, what else could we expect from a guy whose very pseudonym references "servicing" a queen.

Perhaps you should take it up with James Bond.

Word on the street is that he and Napoleon share the same ward you're in.
An ad hominem is not a rebuttal. It's a way to change the subject.
Its usual for British left wingers to smear people on the right with accusations of being part of the BNP.

According to yesterday's Sunday Telegraph Lady Renouf was banned from addressing the BNP for being too extreme, but she will be attending the Iranian Holocaust denier conference.

Remember that next time someone who supports Iran accuses anyone to the right of the Lib Dems of being a BNP supporter.
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