Thursday, November 30, 2006


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Via Scotland Indymedia, comes notice that November 25th is Buy Nothing Day. The official Buy Nothing Day website is here. I wonder if they'll be buying web hosting that day?

Indymedia reports:
World Buy Nothing Day is on saturday the 25th of November, we will be celebrating it on the east end of Princes street in Edinburgh.
To challenge the rampant consumerism that overshadows the festive season we will be celebrating WORLD BUY NOTHING DAY in Edinburgh. On saturday the 25th of November at the east end of Prince's street we will be having a FOOD NOT BOMBS stall, along with festive musicians, and carnival. We will also have a Green Santa's grotto with face painting and a space for kids to make their own presents and cristmas [sic] cards.

This event hopes to promote a reduction in the amount of things we buy and more ethical consideration about the impacts upon our planet and its people of our consumption.
They're consuming people! They're consuming peeeeeooooopplle!!!

So, what will you be buying that day?

Update: Via Comments:
Hmm. I'll think about that after I finish my time machine, considering Buy Nothing Day was 5 days ago.
Must buy a calendar.

Hmm. I'll think about that after I finish my time machine, considering Buy Nothing Day was 5 days ago.
I look at Buy Nothing Day the way I view those mental cripples and their mindless No Blood for Oil sloganeering.

Their precious indymedia servers, not to mention their individual computers they're accessing the indymedia with, are powered by oil, (or that demon nuclear power), their servers/computers were manufactured by factories powered by oil (and contain oil based plastics, etc), and it ultimately takes oil to get the finished goods to the store where they bought their computers and their bicycles and their trendy little Starbucks stuff and the paper and sticks (courtesy of dead trees)used to make their terrorist sympathizing protest placards, etcetera ad nauseum.

They're part of the problem, so screw 'em.
Hey, what do you know, I really didn't buy anything that day.

Oh, other than electricity, water, cable TV, cell phone, land line, every other government service and the imputed value of my house, education, previously purchased food and drink.
I only bought organic tofu, hemp slacks, and a copy of the Workers Vanguard. But those are totally revolutionary, so they don’t count.
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