Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Indy Media Watch has reached 1000 posts.

Actually, that happened 3 posts ago but we didn't notice.

To celebrate, we are re-opening comments. They are now 'moderated' site-wide. That is, they need to be manually approved before appearing on the site, so we do not get spammed again.

Do note, this may result in a delay before your comment appears. We do have lives outside this blog. Yes, really, and no, we don't like this any more than you do.

What's our comments policy? Simple: Commonsense. If yours meets that criteria, it's in. If it doesn't, I hope your fingers didn't get sore typing it. Criticism and dissent is fine, abject stupidity is not.

This subtle difference is of course lost on our newest friend from UK Indymedia, so perhaps he can have someone else explain it.

Congrats on reaching 1000 posts.

An Indymedia Watch site was long overdue and the recent attempt to shut down the blog was the strongest possible indicator of the difference you are making.

At Indymedia UK I feel the battle is probably lost despite my earlier positive feelings some weeks ago as control of the site is now so tightly regulated by the small unelected group that has stopped others having any access.

Before this comment is disputed I invite people who don't believe me to contact Indymedia UK and to try and get password access to take part in the editorial control decisions. You will be fobbed off for months until you give up.

Other Indymedia sites may be different.

Best wishes

ex IMC'er
Meanwhile, over at VanIndy, even one of the antisemitic whackjobs -- roborobo -- has noticed that the site is now a genuine ghost town. Although of course he blames the "Zionist Information Terrorists" (ZIT?) for it, rather than the fact that people like him and Jordan Thornton made the place Jew Conspiracy Central, while Scott Nelson and crew blithely ignored it.

By the way, roborobo characteristically misinterprets the Alexa graph. The line it draws is for all sites in the domain, not just But he's not one to let actual fact get in the way of one of his Zionist Information Terrorist rants.
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