Monday, December 18, 2006


Indy Media Watch Attacked. Again

The same derogatory comment was posted dozens of times across multiple posts on this site.

I have now removed them.

All of them. I would have not deleted it if one copy had appeared, as I have no trouble with fair criticism (even though most of it was an outright lie). Thanks to the spamming effort however, they are all gone now. To the spammer who spent all the time initially typing it: Ever heard the expression 'your own worst enemy'?

I have also deleted a comment posted under my handle, using the 'other' feature and have no time for such weak attempts at fraud. Note for future reference: I can spell.

I will not allow this site to become a total cesspit. Comments are disabled right now while I consider options. Perhaps the perpetrator will lose interest and go play in traffic instead.

To the genuine posters, I apologize.

Update: Via email:
I am sorry to see that you have turned off comments, it was probably for the best as you were getting swamped with trolls. Of course, they will now claim victory and final proof of your fascism.

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