Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Just in Case We Weren't Sure He was a Fool...

Apologies for the site's brief downtime. It looks like everything's back in action.

Further to the previous post - When Idiots Attack comes more of the same via the corresponding thread on UK Indymedia.

In my post, I noted that the author of the scurrilous piece wrote:
The comment which obviously struck to close to home can be found in google cache
and responded:
No, it can't be found in any Google Cache at the time of posting, and the author of the UK Indymedia piece is a liar and obviously the spammer, with access to a local copy that was used in the attack.
In maximum smug mode, the following now appears on UK Indymedia:
Over on Indy Media Botch, the Wotcha has done some brilliant detective work.

In his "When Idiots attack" masterpiece he notes:
"No, it can't be found in any Google Cache at the time of posting, and the author of the UK Indymedia piece is a liar and obviously the spammer, with access to a local copy that was used in the attack."
That link is however not to a Google Cache at all, which as I noted, did not exist, but to Altavista.

A general principle when one is in a hole, is to stop digging. Instead, our friend here is currently taking donations of shovels.

Speaking of which, I was trying to recall the comedic genius who first came up with "Indy Media Botch" and found what I was looking for on this old thread, where a supporter of the vile International Solidarity Movement humiliated himself over a semantic issue and smugly wrote:
it seems that "Indy Media Botch" is none too rigorous in his sleuthing work.
You don't need to be a "brilliant detective" or a sleuth to see a pattern between these comments. What an idiot.

Ironically, that earlier provided a great example of my attitudes towards deleting stupid and dishonest comments I happen to disagree with.

It is becoming increasingly clear who's responsible for both rampant stupidity on UK Indymedia and, if that wasn't enough, here as well, during the week.

Another comment appears on UK Indymedia:
It would appear to be fair comment to compare the behavior of the Indymedia Watch owner to that of Indymedia collectives rather than other private bloggers and call him hypocritical since the stated purpose of the blog is to hold to account Indymedia for either hiding things or not hiding things.
It is? I had no idea. Let me check the statement at the top of the page... Perhaps he is getting this site confused with "Indymedia Hides Things or Doesn't Hide Things - The Blog".

Finally, there are a number of other comments on the UK Indymedia post in support of this site (thank you by the way) which have been hidden. When asked why, this response was added:
All hidden comments on this thread to date are the work of one poster - now he wants to know why they're hidden.
I would like to know how the Indymedia moderator knows this? Perhaps he is convinced there couldn't possibly me more than one person who reads this site. Maybe UK Indymedia is tracking IP addresses? (Dum dum daaaaaaaaaaa.....) He goes on:
Tis a pity that Indy Media Botch is down - cos this discussion really should be taken there, especially as most of the comments are from its own right wing commenteers.
Well it's back up now and you will be held to account.
The Wotcha will leave all comments up - unless he doesn't like them.
A total lie and he knows it. I could count on one hand the number of comments I have deleted, even though many (particularly of late) were senseless drivel. However, I have certainly deleted comments where they were pasted verbatim dozens of times. Our loyal moron resents this, however, it is not unreasonable. Unless you are an idiot, who I suspect is also one of the leaders of UK Indymedia.

In separate threads, others on UK Indymedia are also starting to ask the hard questions:
Indymedia is far from dead but it does need to change. We have all seen the damage done to the UK site this year from the concentration of Editorial control being held in the hands of a small elite.

Unless Indymedia wants to continue to hemorage readers contributors and funding it needs to return to its first principles and provide a media outlet for those who are disenfranchised by the mainstream corporate media.

IM reader and contributor
And just as one might expect, that comment was hidden. Pathetic.

It's amazing what doesn't get hidden on UK Indymedia, versus what does.

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