Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Boston Stupidity Party

Via Portland Indymedia:
On Saturday, December 16, 2006, on a bitter cold day in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf district, about forty hardy patriots came out with the intent to expose the lies and omissions of the 9/11 Commission Report by passing out information to tourists and locals, by reciting most of the omissions and deceptions in the official document, and then dumping the offensive whitewash in the San Francisco B [sic]
Their costumes were nice.
Marking the 223 anniversary of the Boston Tea Party where 18th century colonists decided to reject onerous and unjust taxation by dumping tea in the Boston harbor, these modern day patriots, some with fifes and drums, marched from Pier 39 past curious, and some stunned, onlookers to the end of the Municipal Pier at Aquatic Park. They then proceeded to dump the 9/11 Commission Report to its watery grave to boisterous "hoorays" from the crowd gathered.
I wonder if the curious/stunned crowd knew what was being tossed? I was also going to make a clever comment about the environmental effects of throwing stuff into the bay, however someone beat me to it:
I loved your action of live street theater and educating others up to the point of dumping it into the San Francisco Bay. Back in colonial days, tea was not grown with pesticides, etc and was an organic action in a sense. The dumping into the bay, no matter how well intended, is an insult to the life of the waters. I hope you do this action again, but this time recycle the prop for more actions or to install as a "sculpture" on someone's private property in view of all passerbys.
Remain calm! Comes the response:
As you can see- we through [sic] the small replica into the Bay- to make a statement- it didn't sink and was actually, for the most part- disposed of in the garbage. The image was saved, washed, is drying and will be reused as a prop. The large replica we have also saved and will improve for use at future rallies. We also had the action filmed by the local television station who basically finished the piece by saying how enviornmentally [sic] responsible we were to toss in the more easily retrievable replica.
Environmentally responsible, perhaps. Sane?

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