Sunday, June 19, 2005


Indymedia as PR Tool?

An Irish PR firm has suggested Indymedia is a useful tool for public relations practitioners. This is on the basis that companies can monitor what activists think of their product, and perhaps modify their activities to avoid grievances before bottles are thrown, their windows are smashed, property set on fire or vandalized and other such (ahem) non-violent activism occurs.

I came across the PR blog entry via my referrer logs as someone had posted to it using my name and linked to my site. It wasn't me although I generally endorse the person's comments.

Nevertheless, I also agree with Piaras Kelly (PR blogger) that companies should actively watch websites to find out what various activist groups think of them. In theory, this can only help society improve.

I do not however believe Indymedia is entirely useful in this regard as genuine political, environmental and human-rights activists have long since left and as for Indymedia's achievements in social improvement... Well, read this blog. At least Mr Kelly isn't promoting Indymedia as source of free advertising, something some PR flaks could learn from.

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