Sunday, June 05, 2005


Spam spam spam spam spam...

It seems, in addition to Nazis, bigots and trolls, marketing firms have now discovered Indymedia.
I have spotted this advertisement for an e-commerce startup called Greenzap on nearly every Indymedia site I have visited today. Google lists some which aren't even in English.

Like email spam or blog spam, it's free for the company, timewasting for the reader and Indymedia will presumably ignore it like far worse examples.

Whilst the ethics and morals of spammers are usually low, I must also question the intelligence of any new company that wishes to be taken seriously as to why they would associate with sites like these... This fellow casts further doubt on this company.

And now... Courtesy of Sydney Indymedia: Trolls.

(Yes, I'm deliberately picking on Sydney to prop up theory espoused here.

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