Friday, June 17, 2005


Why we were arrested

Boston Indymedia features a report from a protester detailing Why he was arrested.
To my surprise, after being frisked, we were allowed to proceed onto the Common. I found myself on a path that passed the stage from which the Secretary of the Army, a poor 11 year-old boy whose father had recently been killed in Iraq, and others would be speaking. Just to the left of the stage I stopped and stood with my protest sign. I wasn’t blocking anything, but I could certainly be seen. Others saw and joined me. Then the first of several soldiers and police came up to me. We would have to move. We would be blocking the way for one of the muckity mucks to lay a wreath at a monument.

I responded that I was a resident of Cambridge. This was a public space. I wasn’t doing anything more than peacefully protesting a criminal war, and I was not about to move.
And then they removed him.
Soon I was thinking of the statement I wanted to make to the judge. Once in court, he refused to allow it – leaving me little to do by to cry out “illegal war” and “Nuremburg.”
Yawn. Perhaps a bit of "hey hey, ho ho" in a court of law as well?

One of the respondents:
I am honestly ashamed and disgusted by the way these so called peace activists conducted themselves. Attacking a child in the name of peace? Refusing the rights of others to assemble peacefully in the name of peace?
And speaking of peaceful protests, here's a picture being used on San Diego Indymedia to attract people to a forthcoming anti-G8 Protest in San Francisco.

Can you feel the tranquility?

If I was an arsonist, maybe I could, yeah.
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