Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Indymedia Embezzling Money?

A comment on Houston Indymedia has made this rather astonishing claim:
As one source who attended an IMC meeting in Seattle told me by email, “Indymedia is funneling money from foundations like Soros and Ford to be used in their campaigns against democracy, capitalism, and the US government. They are receiving donations from organizations like Mercy Corps. … .money …initially donated by Nike and Microsoft for charity in Africa, ( which IMC Brazil) will use for (its own) purposes, without their consent.’

Having delt with indy media collectives before I think this can safely be classed as BS like everything ealse on that site. They barely have the money to buy their bandwith each month and what little cash they do get comes from passing the hat.
Thanks Geoff.

But what of the "post office" facility which apparently caused so much controversy? Doesn't sound cheap...

If the allegations are true, I can't help but feel that money could be much better spent.
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