Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Kill Whitey

NYC Indymedia is reporting on a police shooting. This comment appears below:
Payback will come to thee, this is why karma hit at 911 killing some of them. It is unfortunate that fire fighters had to die. However when you do wrong wrong will most certainly come back. And I don't want to hear anyone else utter the fact that it is not racial because there were black cops involved. Wasn't it blacks in Africa who sold their own brothers and sisters to the white slave masters. So would you call that not racist..chicken shit black cops who try to fit in to those coward white cops world make it even more racial. Every church and all businesses in the black community need to go back to the days of Malcolm X and rise up and shoot down every young white boy for every black young promising black kid that they shoot down. this would get the politicians attention I bet. I believe that there is a movement up and coming so sit back and wait and see. And it won't be Al sharpton or Jessie running it.. This will stop..No one is afraid of those cowardly bastards..

NYC Indymedia is one of the better Indymedia sites.

I see that a commentor on this story posted the following comment,

"Just as no decent person becomes a cop.." Well speaking as an ex cop I would like to invite people to spend a moment to visit the following site.

I would say these were decent people
Stacy is one of the few active members of Sydney Indymedia Collective, despite having returned to her native Arizona.

Her latest blog entry details her struggles to find a man on a dating site, given her proximity to an army fort.

Her problems stem from the fact that she specifies that

"Military and police need not apply"

This is because:

'Because they are two professions that I think it can be justifiable to kill. They both, as a part of their professional duties, put themselves in situations where reasonable people can be expected to try to kill them. I don't want to f*** anyone who I think it would be reasonable to kill.'

What a catch!

She also makes the breathtaking assumption that Faruque is an anti-semitic troll because 'perhaps his land was taken from him by Zionists, perhaps his own children were killed in a border scuffle.'

While of those who oppose Faruque 'perhaps his grandfather was a victim of the Nazis, perhaps he was raised on a diet of stories of torture and prejudice'

Even though she is sympathetic to the plights of Jews, there experiences of hardship are only aknowledged as second hand stories from the past. In her world, the only ones who are presently experiencing hardship are the Palestinians.

It is this sort of thinking that deligitimises Israel and of course, none of this is true. Faruque is simply a Bangladeshi migrant taxi driver whose only experience of Israelis is yelling at Jews at pro-Hezbollah rallies.
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