Sunday, September 03, 2006


Indymedia's Fake Scare

Is the United States government on the verge of another McCarthyist political witch-hunt? The short answer is no, but that won’t stop a number of Indymedia contributors from furthering this bogus analogy.
“In the US today, ‘terrorism’ has replaced ‘communism’ as the catchphrase for all that is evil in the world. Where the ‘Red Scare’ once saw all left-wingers stigmatised as ‘communists’, it is environmentalists and animal rights activists who are now being targeted as ‘eco-terrorists’ by the media, business interests and politicians…”

This author, who goes by the name of Annie Goodwin, has come to the conclusion that individuals who blow up medical facilities and housing complexes in the name of the environment are simply doe-eyed peace activists, and not the more correct description, terrorists.

If the U.S. was engulfed in a “Green Scare” as people like Goodwin would have you believe, individuals from legitimate groups like the Sierra Club and the UNEP would surely be under surveillance as well. Heck, their organizations would likely be made illegal and their leaders would be forced to answer for their “acts of treason”. But no such thing is happening. If anything, the core values of the environmental movement are more popular and accepted today then ever before.

Federal authorities are not arresting individuals for their beliefs on the environment, but for plotting and executing acts of violence and vandalism that, get this, are against the law regardless of what ideal its proponent espouses. In fact, I am sure the Federal government could care less about your personal feelings on the ecological state of the planet, but the moment they use violence in a self-righteous furry, they have broken the law. It does not matter how true they feel their ideals may be.

So for all you folks who keep screaming about this “Green Scare”, please stop. Terrorists come in many shapes, sizes, and ideologies; just because yours are wrapped in a green flag does not make their actions any less preposterous. Legitimate environmental activists need to make a clean break from the more fringe elements in their ranks, and stop making excuses for aggression and trepidation.

This reminds me of the fuss on Indymedia in San Fransisco when they became obessed with the idea that they were being spied upon by the FBI / CIA.
There was no evidence, no reason to suggest it but some people became convinced and still refer to it as though it were an actual event - Hilarious !
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