Sunday, August 27, 2006



A few weeks ago, the blogsphere noted with considerable interest that the Iranian President had established a blog.

Many sites also noted cases where the site attempted to install software on visitor's computers.

This prompted the following warning on Sydney Indymedia:
I have heard reports (that I can't verify) that the blog site tries to install some kind of malware on your computer.
A subsequent comment allays all fears...
More Nazi SCARE Mongering.
Submitted by d1553nt

The site
is in Arabic, it may be your web browser is trying to install the Arabic font set?

Update: Via comments: "Why would an Iranian blog be in Arabic?...They speak Farci."

Why would an Iranian blog be in Arabic? That makes no more sense than an Iranian blog in Spanish. Iranians don't speak Arabic. They're not Arabs. They're Indo-Europeans like we are. They speak Farci.
Umm, Farsi is written in Arabic script, with a couple extra characters that don't exist in Arabic.

Farsi is 30% Arabic words, and learning Arabic is mandatory in Iranian schools.
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