Sunday, August 27, 2006


Blaming MI6

It has always made me wonder why in the so-called independent media, there's a need to constantly rail against the intelligence community, regardless of what has happened. It would appear that Tom McLoughlin, one of Sydney Indymedia's most regular users, doesn't even need evidence that there has been a crime committed, as he writes his overly long open letter proclaiming "MI6 meddling with Australian home office computer a breach of Australian sovereignty?"

After 266 words of fairly meaningless self-based context, McLoughlin announces that he's:
So getting to the point of my letter and its necessary preface please let me suggest an interesting ‘hypothetical’ for you in your portfolio by way of a series of questions:
Regular readers of this blog will probably have a good idea of what's coming next.
1. Would it be possible for MI6 to be snooping my private home office computerusing advanced spyware or similar techniques

(a) without the knowledge of the Australian government or her agencies such as ASIO or ASIS, ONA or Defense Signals Directorate or whoever else is in this spooky game for the welfare and good government of Australia?, or

(b) indeed with my own federal government's knowledge of say such MI6 activity?;
I could ask, would it be possible for the combined skills of all Indymedia posters, once put together, to be used in a mass murder? But being a completely hypothetical question, I would need evidence to support floating that hypothetical in the first place. That would be responsible. Sydney Indymedia, though is not the home of responsible posting, as McLoughlin continues:
Can I be compensated either ex gratia or legally for damage to my computer equipment by such a foreign intelligence agency which I might add has been obtained through community donations for my diverse ecology action and media work? For instance I am wondering if I am able to sue the British Government under NSW Privacy legislation here in the NSW Supreme Court, for damage to my property making such hard drive and other equipment unserviceable?
Is there any evidence presented that MI6 was even involved? The post supplies none, and I doubt that McLoughlin would have any proof. That could explain why he is posting at Indymedia.

Update: I knew the name sounded familiar. Tom's previous alarm at potential conspiracies here. -- The Watcher

As I say on the imc string, 4 days after my email post to Downer I get a response in writing. That's very quick for a minister of any govt let alone a senior minister of the federal Australian govt. Again as a solicitor I don't make claims without an evidentiary basis. The fact that I don't blog the evidence or the source is no matter FOR A GRUB LIKE YOU. Indeed those who know know and those who don't wonder. You are definitely in the latter category insults notwithstanding.

My guess MI6 are be having a few technical glitches. As I said what comes around goes around in the grand interconnectivity of the net. And the good thing is I didn't have a jot to do with it, in any way at all. You might call it a completely unsolicited favour. I would have counselled against it.

And they won't be confirming that either of course.

I'm no victim, champ, whoever you are behind this scurrilous innuedo site. At least I sign for real.

Well as I've said before, these big boys should have nothing to do with me and should stop meddling and leave me to actually do the democracy they are honour bound to uphold.

Yours truly, Tom McLoughlin, solicitor in NSW, democracy and indy media activist
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