Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Sydney Indymedia is today carrying a copy of a UK Indymedia post entitled "Phoney had a vision", which contains some startling revelations.
Phoney has told his aids that he had a vision from God while he was in Barbados.

In this vision, apparently, it was revealed to Phoney by God that there was a mission for him and that he must not leave Downing Street under any circumstances.

Phoney said that the God in question was the Jewish one that is expected at the East Gate of Jerusalem riding on a donkey at any time now.

The mission that was revealed to Phoney was that he must go to The Middle East and lead the people of Palestine out of The West Bank and Gaza and into Egypt.
Phoney will not even ask Bush if he may go to The Middle East as he now has God’s permission.
The article - like almost all Indymedia pieces of original news - contains absolutely zero verifiable facts, zero sources and is not supported by any established fact in the universe. It's also printed over at Melbourne, however there is yet to be one instance where lies and fantasies become fact through repetition. If any of the above was true, it would be a startling revelation, yet it would be nothing more than obvious if it was 100% made up.

The Phoney Blair mantra has been around for a while on Indymedia - recently seen on this blog here - but it's almost always associated with sheer lunacy: "Phoney Blair on his knees in Washington" being a typical example.
Phoney Blair is now exposed as a clown used by Adolf Rumsfeld and moran Bush.

In fact, he's a clown of a moran.
The original "Phoney had a vision" article was written by a Digery Cohen, who is a regular on many Indymedias. A quick scan of his creative writing masquerading as news revealed that next to none of it was hidden by Indymedia, which means that moderators of Indymedia mustn't have a big issue with falsehoods all over their sites. Those who have followed the independent media and bothered to fact-check it once in a while expected as much.

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