Friday, September 01, 2006


Indymedia Wants YOU

Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center is advertising for staff.

A subsequent discussion will make the successful applicant feel welcome...
I do not like UC-IMC becuase the UC-IMC is a total rip-off. Thousands of IMCistas volunteer their time and blood, yet UC-IMC wants to profit off the ((i)) NETWORK.
Establishing paid positions whose purposes revolve around centralizing other people's wealth kind of goes against the spirit of indymedia in general, in my opinion. There are IMCs all over the globe, many in countries much more poverty-striken than the US, who manage to make do without the benefit of grant writers and fundraising coordinators. The idea that these positions are essential in order to provide a community media resource to me is an insult to the concept of community just as the idea of a "membership coordinator" to me is an insult to individual autonomy
I am appalled and dismayed that you would be betraying the indymedia cause in this shortsighted and offensive manner. No imcistas outside of UC have ever demanded to be payed for the very important work that we all do. It undermines the efforts that we are all making to transcend the flawed corporate model. It also privileges the work of some imcistas (those who get paid) over the vast majority of others (those who do not).
I hear Dan Rather is looking for a job.

I mean, of course then we would have to turn a blind eye to the immoral and corrupt manner in which certain businesses treat the planet and those living on it, because we would not want to offend them or anything. And we would have to make certain compromises in the manner in which we present information, to avoid pissing off our sponsors or alienating those whose purse strings we are courting.

Leftists are as hilariously stupid as the day is long, and the one quoted hasn't a clue as to where the global indymedia gets it's funding, which is funneled from the likes of Soros, Red China, North Korea, Cuba, the U.N., the Arab world, etc. Name a terrorist or Communist (or any) organization where humanity is trampled and you'll find a leftist, and the source of the IMC's money.

And they dare mewl of purity....
IMc funding is the one subject that is NEVER allowed to be discussed. Those of us who have been involved with a couple of the sites know full the subject is regarded as taboo.
When the UK organising group held their occasional meetings it was made clear to us funding was not a subject to be discussed.
If, as seems likely, Google wants to make money on its aquisition of the Indymedia brand this is a logical first step. Paid employees can be told what to do better than idealistic volunteers. How long before the first paid for adverts are seen on an Indymedia site ? My guess is less than six months.
I don't know where you're getting this "Google bought Indymedia" crap from. Try to invent a different meme; that one's DOA.

How much did Google pay you to type that?

Man, I'm funny.
Try to invent a different meme....

Okay, David Gehrig, since you're obviously on the defensive, just where do you get your funding?
For what it's worth, this site operates on exactly zero money.

I'm unsure how much money an IMC would actually need and certainly question whether any amount spent would represent 'value' considering the type of material I have come across.
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