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Goodnight Vancouver

A Post on Vancouver Indymedia annnounces:
I've removed the ability of users to post anything except for comments (and those may get turned off shortly too).
This site is taking up too much of my time and psychic energy. It's time for me to make a clean break and move on to other things. Whatever else it may be this site is no longer an Indymedia because we are no longer allowing open publishing.
I am not going to gloat about this, I believe it is responsible and commendable. I have previously called on out-of-control Indymedia sites to do the honorable thing yet many operate in total denial. Vancouver's demise may have been related to the content of this email I received, originally a post on the site which was deleted, along with the author's login:
Just thought I'd stop by and see how things are going here.

Answer, after minutes and minutes of waiting for the pages to load even with almost no users, it turns out that it's still a joke.

As far as any person could reasonably determine, there are only four people posting on the site who aren't actually the editors. And of those four, half of them, Jordan Thornton ("pilgrim") and Robodranath ("roboroborobo", "Y2J") are plainly four-star headcases who see Zionist agents behind every door and under every bed, who wonder why praising "Main Kampf" or posting Holocaust denial propaganda should bother anyone.

Then there are the many many nyms of Ytzhak/Nour12, the one-man megaphone for Oxymoronic Fundamentalism-Marxism. Ytzhak apparently thinks his job is to flood the newswire; at the moment of writing, of the last ten posts, eight are his. He's certainly not here for any form of interpersonal dialogue; comment to one of his posts, and he'll just delete his post and then repost it, making your comment go away unanswered. It's a cowardly, infantile thing. He does it a lot.

Notice that, like Pilgrim and Roboroborobo, Ytzhak doesn't have any trouble with posting overtly antisemitic Holocaust denial material. See here, for example.
"As a clue to what we are saying, for many years when Poland was under Soviet domination, the Auschwitz Museum there showed a plaque which reminded visitors that "Four Million Jews" had been assasinated there until 1945, thus fueling two-thirds of the Six Million Myth. However, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the ensuing liberation of Poland, that plaque was discreetly removed and replaced by a new one saying that "1.500.000 people " had died there. Where are the Holocaust's Six Million then?"
Got that? "Six Million Myth."

See the response? You can't? That's because Ytzhak did his usual trick for stamping out dissent; he deleted his post and then reposted it.

Now, here's the question -- why does Vancouver Indymedia allow Ytzhak to flood the newswire with this kind of garbage with impunity? Maybe the answer has something to do with this: "Agent Humble" Scott Nelson is also Scott Braithwaite-Nelson (google him); Ytzhak is also Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite (you can buy his novel on Amazon for a penny at

Braithwaite. Braithwaite. What a coincidence!

Anyway, it looks like he's in on the nepotism clause, and that's why different editorial rules apply to him than to anyone else.

And why doesn't overtly antisemitic material get removed? Why, because "Agent Humble" Scott Nelson simply doesn't mind having antisemitic material on his site, as long as -- in the spirit of free speech -- Jews get a chance to complain about it. So that activists who post at VanIndy see their stuff side by side with stuff from a guy who thinks "Mein Kampf" is peachy keen. One from column A, one from column B.
What activist _wouldn't_ want to appear on such a site?

So, when you add it all together, what have you got? Antisemitism- defending editors, three cranks -- one of them enjoying the advantages of nepotism -- and then mj. That's the sum total of Vancouver

For more background on how this came to pass, see here.
The summary resembles plenty of other, larger Indymedia sites without the decency to admit they have a problem or do anything at all about it.

I think the source of the strain on his psychic energy had more to do with trying to maintain the illusion that VanIndy really was what it plainly was not, a site being edited according to Indymedia principles. It's hard to maintain an illusion like that when you know, deep down, it's simply not true.

I don't know of a single Indymedia (with the exception of maybe North Carolina or New Jersey) that would let a guy like Robo continue to post after saying "Mein Kampf is wonderful" (and then following up with "The Protocols are wonderful"), or a guy like Jordan keep posting after it's been pointed out -- repeatedly -- that he's quoting a Holocaust denier named Kurt Nimmo.

VanIndy considered itself above all that banning antisemites business. And now we see where that got it.

There's sort of a long-term Darwinian process going on; those IMCs who have stuck to the core Indymedia principles are thriving, but those that come down with the Nessie Syndrome fall quickly into a death spiral. As exemplified by SF-IMC and now VanIndy.

The sad part is that Humble put a lot of work into the Drupal development, and it looks great. But he so completely neglected editorial principle that it turns out all he was doing was enabling the ravings of a few members of the Zionists-in-my-toothpaste set.

Well at least its now gone. Here in Britain we still have the Indymedia UK site (or Jew as it's sometimes called). Not content with the usual Israel is responsible for everything line peddled by so many Indymedia sites this one also enjoys a strange view of Cuba. This post here gives an example As is expected a post pointing out that repression and a lack of democracy go hand in hand under Castro is hidden.

For some time a poster known as "Raul" who was a Cuban exile living in London tried repeatidly to publicise demos outside the Cuban embassy and draw attention to the political prisoners held in Cuabn jails. Subjects that one would have thought were close to any UK activists heart but no. His posts were at first hidden and then removed. Dissent is not allowed at Indymedia UK !
"For some time a poster known as "Raul" who was a Cuban exile living in London tried repeatidly to publicise demos outside the Cuban embassy and draw attention to the political prisoners held in Cuabn jails. Subjects that one would have thought were close to any UK activists heart but no. His posts were at first hidden and then removed. Dissent is not allowed at Indymedia UK !"

There are another 50+ posts by Raul on Indymedia uk

So, apparently not REMOVED at all.

This is the same claim that the elusive IMC Monitoring Team is making - ie that there is widespread removal of posts on Indymedia uk. You are not the only individual running a campaign against Indymedia, but it would be a great irony if you started using the same kind of dodgy sources that you accuse indymedia of using.

I notice you chose all the posts Raul made at the start of his campaign to show Cuban Politcial prisoners, posts that were all Hidden (why was that I wonder) ALL of his subsequent posts were removed. Funnily enough this was just the time when the protests outside the London Cuban embassy started to attract much more support but I'm sure that's just a coincidence because nobody on Indymedia would ever seek to support the Cuban regime would they ?
Thanks for posting all those links to the Indymedia hidden posts about political repression in Cuba. It is good to know brave people are fighting the Castro monster even in England.
I don't know if posts by 'RAUL' were removed or not but I do not understand why the posts listed here were hidden. They break none of the Editorial Guidelines that Indymedia UK uses to decide what is kept and in fact are strongly in keeping with the original ethos of Indymedia in that they report a grass roots actions and campaign by individuals opposed to a repressive, unelected government that locks people up for seeking democracy.
It is a pity that Indymedia has alinged itself with those on the UK Left who are prepared to turn a blind eye to the many human rights abuses in Cuba just because Castro calls himself a Socialist.
Amazing - there is still some people trying to pretend Indymedia in the UK doesn't remove posts and comments. This issue is probably the most common complaint that people have against the site.

The imc monitoring group in Bristol set up their website for this reason alone, to show Indymedia supporters how a small elite had taken control of the site and was changing it for their own reasons.
Vancouver Indymedia is back online.
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