Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Craziest Theory Ever

Via UK Indymedia comes the all-time most ridiculous conspiracy theory I have ever read. And I have read plenty.
Is it true that Apple have approached the individual who owns the patent, copyright and trade mark on IMC with a view to making an as yet undisclosed settlement that will hand over all rights over the indymedia brand, domains names, server infrastructure, content, free labour (including all current, future and past indymedia users, even the trolls) and see the website relaunched as iMC or the iMedia Centre?
I can just imagine Apple's new slogan: "Think Stupid". Apple's new ad campaign could also include the two guys saying "Hello, I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC. And the World Trade Centre was really bombed by Mossad and the Bushitler."

Good grief.

Elsewhere on UK Indymedia, I found this post referring to the "IMC Monitoring Team" who had compiled a report noting problems with UK Indymedia's editorial team. The link to their report appears to have been deleted. Can anyone shed any light?

The IMC Monitoring Team is a group based around a university in the West of England, they together with one of the present Indymedia UK editorial team take copies of all the original posts before they are removed or edited by the UK moderators.

It was set up because they wanted people to see what has been happening to the UK site in particular how posts are removed (not hidden) and sometimes edited.
Their site has been running for about a year but is down at the moment.
At first they were able to post to Indymedia UK but now their regular reports are removed straight away (not hidden but removed)
Thanks Anonymous.

If any of the IMC Monitoring Team are reading this, please email me. Thanks.
The question marks over funding of Indymedia have been raised many times but are always quickly suppressed by the collective. The donation by George Soros is often talked about (although never discussed on any IM site) and the ownership of the IM copyright is difficult to establish but seems to be linked to a US company owned by the Carlye Group.

Many activist maintain that the entire IM organisation is a government front with the usual claims of CIA / Mossad / MI6 etc etc designed to help the "state" discover who is who is Left wing politics however this seems unlikely. What is more likely and accepted by most who have watched the growth of IM is that it is probably funded by a media group who are eletting it grow into something they can start charging for in the future. The IM links to Google seem the most credible as Google likes to portray itself as "down with the kids"

Grip Pipe Thynne
What is more likely and accepted by most who have watched the growth of IM is that it is probably funded by a media group who are eletting it grow into something they can start charging for in the future.

How much would you pay?
As I understand it the future revenue stream for Indymedia will come from two sources. The Promoted Posts, organisations will pay a fee to have their posts hilighted. Secondly advertising, this will start will "acceptable" organisations like Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Amnesty International etc.
google has already shown how much money can be made by a so called free website. The business model is just being repeated that's all.
Anonymous at 12:54,

Indymedia might have been an interesting idea at a time when publishing was difficult for budding independent journalists.

These days however, anyone can start a blog and pretty soon be turning out material of a significantly better quality than Indymedia.

Indymedia had an opportunity but has well and truly blown it. They have now missed the boat.
Indymedia was set up by three activists in Seattle who first registered the copyright, this is a matter of public record however after this it gates a little hazy !

It is alleged that Google bought the copyright about five years ago with the intention of creating what was called at the time a "Hippy newspaper on the World Wide Web" however if this is true they seemed to have lost interest although may well still own Indymedia.
Like another poster said, they probably missed the boat for money earning from the site so no longer care.
There was some info on this blog here at


about the Indymedia Monitoring Team.
Most Indymedia funding comes from the Open Society Institure a front group for George Soros. For reasons that are unclear discussion of Indymedia funding is always hidden by the collectives.
Here's more Orwellian nonsense from the left (sorry, don't know where else to put it at the mement):


Despite the bad treatment Filipinas receive from their Lebanese agencies and employers, the mission stressed that the Lebanese people do not deserve to be bombed by Israel.
Why doesn't the IMC monitoring team post their url here? Nobody seems to be able to find it and those bastards on IMC UK never seem to publish it.
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