Friday, September 01, 2006


Silly comparison

Sydney Indymedia's visceral hatred of John Howard apparently knows no bounds, judging by the piece "John Howard Kills People". Its only content is a poorly Photoshopped picture of the Australian Prime Minister in a black-and-white striped outfit, with the caption "Mr Baldy, Child Killer".

Mr Baldy was a child molestor who abducted his victims. And to think that Indymedia accepts this, yet wants to be taken seriously as an alternative media source.

"Howard is a child molester" is typical of the style of Indymedia publishing. It's the same as "All Jews are Zionists"
It's the same as "All Jews are Zionists"

Whilst I'd hate to be called a child molester, Zionist is not an insult.

Although much of the Left and anti-Israel groups have attempted to redefine "Zionist" as a perjorative epithet or insult (as a modern version of the old Zionism=Racism argument) the fact is it is not one.
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