Friday, August 25, 2006



UK Indymedia reports the case of Ashraf Kolhari, a 37-year-old mother of four who was sentenced to death by public stoning in Iran.

Her crime? An extra marital affair after her divorce request was rejected by the court.

The execution has been called off, thanks in large part to the good work of activists on UK Indymedia.

Just kidding.

Here's their contribution:
Bush Executed Retarded People

That's sad.

But it still doesn't justify the Aggression planned by Bush/Olmert/PNAC, which will slaughter an unknown number of innocent men, women, and children.
This is of course untrue:
While I oppose the death penalty for anyone, whatever their mental capacity, it is false that Bush executed a 'retarded' person. The case being referred to involved a man who attempted suicide while on death row which resulted in brain damage. He was not mentally challenged when he committed the murders he was convicted of, nor at his trial. The brain damage came long after his crime and conviction and thus could not be considered as a mitigating circumstance. He was fully mentally capable when he killed his victim.

People like reframing this case so it seems like the US executes people *because* they are retards - like Hitler did. Which is completely false.
Not if the depth of political opinion extends to Bush=Hitler though... Finally, some sense:
So thats the response is it, 'it's sad what's happening to this woman'. Pity this woman is not being killed by the wicked Americans, because then the 'left' in this country would be in full cry. Demos, protests, candlite vigils, MPs demanding action and indymedia full of posts on the coming death of this poor woman. But no, because she is being murdered by the laws of Islam the vast majority of the 'left' will do nothing and stay hush. By operating these double standards the 'left' are condoning her death. I really liked the days when the 'left' was anti all religions, instead of now where they tolerate what ever this medieval religion which is Islam does.
In other news, via the Environmental Republican, Hurricane Harry presents some hypothetical scenarios.

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