Tuesday, November 08, 2005


UK Indymedia: "Support the French Rioters!"

No, it's not a joke, it's quite real.
Demonstration - Thursday 10 November, 3pm at the French emabssey in London, in support of the French rioters, and against the crackdown on French youth by the state and the police.

Be there

Over 300 French towns and cities have now seen riots against the police and the government. More will follow.

Youth in cities as far as Brussels and Berlin have shown their support - it is time we did the same.

As the French state prepares for curfews and an even bigger crack down against working class support, we say loud and clear "Support the rioters".

Make your voice heard at the French embasssy in London at 3pm on Thursday 10th November. The address:

French Embassy in the United Kingdom
58 Knightsbridge,
Still not convinced it's real? Check out the website. Subsequent comments provejust when UK Indymedia hit bottom, someone passed around shovels...
What I have noticed is that the vast majority of the rioters are not attacking people but attacking property and very often businesses like McDonalds.

While I do not agree with the attacks on civilians which killed that 61-year-old man I do believe that overall the riots are a positive thing.
When someone poses the question:
What of those freedom fighters who dragged a disabled lady from a bus, doused her in petrol and proceeded to set her alight?
someone else is in denial:
could you please present a source for your assertion-

"what of those freedom fighters who dragged a disabled lady from a bus, doused her in petrol, and proceeded to set her alight."

if you can't, please shut up. indymedia doesn't need any bull shit spouted without evidence. in fact i think to post such a comment without even a link to any form of evidence (no matter how subjective) shows a flagrant disregard for the importance of evidence in rational debate. whether your point is even the merest truism or not, the lack of evidence posted makes it irrelevant as an assertion.
Such a rant because the person failed to link to a mainstream news article about the widely reported attack. This prompts another response:
If we are to make sense of what's going on and offer meaningful support in the face of the very real grievances that the rioters are (finally) reacting to, we'd best not freak out and go on the attack when presented with evidence of people doing appalling shit. It damages our own credibility, don't you think.
Yes. Credibility.

That's insane and goes too far for my taste! Apparently they were standing just around the corner from where I was... I didn't really notice anything but on the Internet I found pictures of the group's flyers .
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