Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Fighting the Klan

The front page of Austin Indymedia is reporting on the Ku Klux Klan's plans to hold a march in Austin in a few days time. The International Socialist Organization are already arguing with another group about how to protest as they are trying to avoid a repeat of what happened in Toledo a few weeks ago.

The page lists a series of ideas of how to protest the Klan yet the very first two comments start talking instead about police brutality. Who is the enemy here?

Wholly absent from the Indymedia page is a far better way to protest - Moon the Klan.
What the Klan wants is a photo op complete with angry, yelling citizens to scare conservative voters to the polls. What we are planning to do is get into the background of as many media shots as possible so their hate cannot be broadcast on the nightly news. As "turning the other cheek" is a recognized true Christian value, we believe this is a message those Klansters will understand.

You are invited to join in
the 2nd* Austin Mooning of the Klan
Saturday, November 5th
Austin City Hall (or nearby depending on where the police make us stand)
from 1-3PM
*The first mooning of the Klan was organized by Texas musician Steve Fromholz in 1993 and proved to be an effective means of making counter protesters smile and Klanspeople cringe.

Who: You, me, a few hundred of our closest friends, anyone you can double dog dare to get down there and drop trou. If this is your first time mooning, it can be easier to complete the deed if you have a good friend along for encouragement.

What: Mooning is a long standing Texas tradition of irreverant disobedience. Generally speaking mooning is a spontaneous event. Defined as exposing some part of one's ass in a gesture of friendly insult, Texas law allows for mooning as long as genitals are not exposed and there is no overtly sexual action involved. You may write a cheeky statement across yourself, but obscenities are a gray area, legally speaking.
Making fun of the KKK is a longstanding tradition.

Whilst some will oppose their march, if the KKK and other Right-Wing and Nazi groups want to post messages on Indymedia in the future, I'm sure they'll still be welcome.

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