Tuesday, November 01, 2005


First Aid for Activists

London Indymedia is advertising First Aid Training for Activists in Glasgow and London
Would you know how to help someone if:
* They collapsed at a demo?
* They were hit by a police baton?
* They were suffering from the cold on a protest site?

Would you like to know?
These trainings are being organised by the UK Action Medics, who provided first aid care throughout this year’s G8 protests. We are a voluntary group who work without a leadership structure.
Visiting Action Medics' website, I learned some of the 'first aid advice' they dispense. For example, dealing with extremes of temperature:
Clothes: wear lots of thin layers for flexibility. These can be combined and are warmer than a thick jumper. Layers can be changed for security reasons
Security reasons must be a 'first aid' term for when you know you have broken the law and don't want to be caught.Read it all and see some of the 'medical issues' faced by would-be activists these days.

What could we learn from Action Medics?
The skills you learn on this training will be focused on situations at protests and direct actions, but you’ll find them useful in the rest of your life too!
like those occasions when you are in the kitchen making chilli and happen to spray some capsicum in your eye...

Leave a comment if you can think of any other useful applications of protester first-aid to everyday life.

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