Sunday, November 06, 2005


UK Indymedia take on Paris Riots

Indymedia UK is reporting on the riots in Paris, which at the time of writing, involved at least 1300 cars having been burned. According to Indymedia, it's a class struggle
One way in which the authorities (ineffectively, like in Iraq) try to crush uprisings like this is by legal repression: when your brother or your best friend or your friend's friend is put into prison for 10 years just because he carried burnt a car and used violence against state terrorists (aka "policemen"), you and the whole movement risks losing its steam.

Tomorrow morning, Monday 7 November 2005, at 2pm (14:00) Paris time (1pm UK time), a meeting at the Courtroom (TGI = Tribunal de Grande Instance) is planned to support people accused of illegal methods of fighting against capitalism.
Oh so that's what it was.

Umm... Viva la Revolution...Burn those damned capitalist nursery schools...

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