Friday, November 04, 2005


Achieve Nothing Day

Bay Area Indymedia is canvassing Buy Nothing Day.
The day after Thanksgiving...
Show up at your local Wal-Mart, bright and early with your friends,
and start filling carts with the most desired consumer "goods" (small toys and expensive trinkets are ideal since all this stuff will have to be re-shelved) -- try not to break anything.
Sounds considerate no? Actually, no.
If you don's (sic) simply abandon the carts before moving on to the next store, you might realize that you forgot your wallet after everything has been rung up (ideally at the busiest hours -- say at 11am and 5pm). Do not piss in the dressing rooms or leave anti-consumerism agitprop around the stores. Whatever you do, do not try to monopolize employee time on the sale floor or on the phone (time is money and employees are a consumer convenience) and certainly don't bring a stopwatch to make a game of that activity. Breaking glass or leaving nails in the parking lot would be going too far. Try to have fun on BND but don't try to create as much of an inconvenient hassle as is humanly/heavenly possible. Remember, your not trying to change the world with collective effort. Don't repeat these activities throughout the holiday shopping season after the BND holiday and, whatever you do,
don't get caught if you break any of these rules. Take care and have fun.
Idiots and criminals.

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