Wednesday, November 02, 2005


After the Wait

It's over, and the World Can't Wait organizers have given their summary:
November 2 marked a tremendous first step torward forcing Bush to step down and changing the whole direction of society. There were convergences from big cities to small towns, determined high school and campus walk-outs, prominent voices speaking out, and all this was covered in the major media. This powerful day of resistance reflected the Call for the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime!
You are excused if you missed it. I'm sure George W. Bush can safely unpack his suitcase, looks like he's going back up to the suite...

Don't worry, they are already planning the next big thing. Now, with added waiting!
we urge everyone who took part in actions on Nov. 2nd, or just heard about this movement for the first time to become an organizer. Hook up with your local committee , or start one where you are. Raise money so we can sustain this enormous effort. And start organizing for the next step , drowning out Bush's State of the Union speech in January with massive protest, and demanding that Bush 'step down, and take your program with you.'"
Whatever. At least they didn't riot.

More photos here.

so did he step down?
I don't think they really thought this through in the first place:

"Yes! I don't believe it! Bush stepped down! We won! So, who's president now?"

"Dick Cheney."

" least they didn't riot"

Yeah, technically I guess the molotov cocktails in San Francisco were not a "riot" per se...
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