Sunday, November 06, 2005



If you read enough Indymedia, you'd just know that the world is controlled by an elite group of Neoconservative Jews, who manipulate George W. Bush to do their bidding.

Not so fast, according to the latest article on UK Indymedia which claims to be Proof that Bush and the Neo-Cons are Vatican operatives.

How can neocons simulataneously be Jewish and Vatican operatives I hear you ask?
The Vatican only pretends to be a religious organization and is in fact the secret capitol of the New World Order and the driving force behind all the evils of globalism and imperialism.
Here's more you wouldn't know about the Vatican (unless you read Indymedia):
-The Vatican has always knowingly lied about the true source and purpose of Christianity and their secret control of both Judaism and Islam.

-The Vatican is the hidden source of world-wide terrorism and blatantly lies about almost everything to hide its true nature and function.
Sorry evil Vatican overlords, thanks to Indymedia the jig is up!

The dilemma of 'who is a neocon' has troubled Indymedia before.

Update: Via the comments, they shall be known as "CatholiJooSlums".

Secret control of Judaism AND Islam?

Sweet Zombie Jesus these people are deranged....
It's the eeeeeeeevil, pesky, nefarious Zionists known as CatholiJooSlums.

Watch out for them.
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