Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Not a Word

Despite being reporter of all things protesty, yesterday's Al-Quds Rally in London failed to rate a mention on any of the UK Indymedia sites.

A pity.

If it had, on past form I'm sure they'd ignore the banners of various terrorist groups which were seen there. As activist campaigners for womyns' rights however, I would imagine the local activists could raise their concern about a rally where women were obliged to march behind the men.
It wasnt until about half an hour into the march that we noticed that the demonstrators were divided according to gender, with men walking in front while women marched behind. I was a little surprised to see that but I guess that was only to be expected from a radical muslim demonstration in the middle of Londonistan…
Or maybe not.

Reality Gaps has photos and video.

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