Friday, November 17, 2006


G20 - So Far, So Good

According to reports on Melbourne Indymedia, the protests in Melbourne, Australia at the G20 meeting are so far going very nicely if this article is a guide. It seems this is as bad as it gets and most of it is good humoured if a little disturbing.

This article in Melbourne's Daily Newspaper has more:
In a more light-hearted protest, 10 self-described radical cheerleaders wearing pink tights and miniskirts danced their way up Collins Street, where they formed a human pyramid.

The troupe of eight women and two men - whose chest hair protruded above their pink singlets - shouted chants including: "We don't believe in corporate sh-t, we'll make our stand and this is it."

"Pom poms, not bomb bombs," the sang. "We're sexy, we're cute, we're radical to boot" and "We cheer, we lead, we don't like corporate greed."

Members of the group declined to be interviewed, saying: "All we have is our chants."

"One two three four, get your booty off the floor, five six seven eight, c'mon kids lets smash the state."
Tough guys in tutus...

I am impressed.

Update: I am now unimpressed.

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