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We The Undersigned...

A contributor to UK Indymedia has started a petition.
Hi, Tony Blair recently installed an e-petition facility on his official website. I started one calling for his support for an international independent investigation into 9/11.

Only UK residents or citizens can sign. It would be great to get a few hundred signatures and put it firmly on the top of the list.
Why the British Government would be interested in investigating the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in New York is beyond me, but the logic of 9/11 "truth seekers" is as well. I would have thought London had its own terrorist attacks to worry about (or blame on Mossad, if you were a moron).

So I thought I'd pop over to the petition site and see how popular it has been to date.

The deadline was a few days ago, and the total number of signatures:


This included a couple with foreign sounding names:
paranoid nutjob
Total Loon
As an exercise in participatory democracy however, the site (or at least the underlying idea) is excellent.

A note appears on the front page:
A particular issue we are considering is what to do about petitions which are identical or very similar to petitions already on the site. So far we have not rejected most very similar petitions, in order to allow users to express their views in their own words. However, the increasing number of petitions which are very similar congests the site and proably dilutes the voice of some petitioners.
Searching through them, there are a few obvious examples of multiple redundant petitions, all signed by the same people. I suspect some of them may have read UK Indymedia for inspiration.

The so called 911 Truth Movement in the UK has been a real problem for the UK Indymedia site for some time.
The movement is of course following the usual agenda of the world's problems being the result of a NEOCON / Jewish / CIA-Mossad concpiracy and that 911 was nothing to do with any Muslim. So far so good as far as Indymedia UK is concerned however now it starts to become problematical for them because rational analysis of the facts by people who know what they are talking about, structural engineers, aerospace profesionals etc etc points to the events of 911 being exactly what the US government said they were.

Further to that at the fringes of the 911 truth movement there are some real nutjobs with talk of holograms, mass hypnosis and other "theories" that even Indymedia UK can't take seriously.

All of this gives Indymedia UK a big dilema - should they support what is obviously a load of old rubbish with no link to reality or should they allow it because it is one more attack on the usual targets - in particular their favorite one - Jewish bankers funding a NEOCON New World Order.

Of course they could choose to run a real media site which provides news and information of interest to the activist world but where's the fun in that when there's some Jew bashing to be done !
"a load of old rubbish with no link to reality"

Yep, that's the self anointed "intellectuals" for you.

Leftists are the stupidest of the stupid, and how they exist without feeding tubes I'll never understand.
The entire 9-11 truth movement is by far the weirdest bunch I have ever met.
About six months ago I saw one of the groups was having a meeting near me and having nothing to do that night I went along.
Only the Comedy Store gives better entertainment !

Being a construction engineer I thought I might be able to offer a contribution, how wrong I was. The evening started with some lunatic suggesting Thermite was used to destroy the towers, when I pointed out the problems with this idea, I was without hesitation called a "government plant" and asked to leave. I refused, the speaker declined to continue until I left so we all sat in silence for 30 minutes (I read the paper I had bought with me). Eventualy one of those organising the event could stand it no longer and stood over me shouting,
"Go and kill some more Iraqi children GI Joe !" before storming out. I was then told that the group only accepted people who "presumed the acceptance of the cover-up theory"

I left and presume they continued without me.
Eventualy one of those organising the event could stand it no longer

We must be kind and gentle, and seek dialog with all pre-pubescent mental cripples.... oops, I mean leftists.

Why do they hate us?!?
Seems like paranoid nutjob and total loon have been asked to leave the party. Wonder why that is?
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