Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Read what you Sow

The forthcoming WTO meeting in Melbourne, Australia will likely result in messy demonstrations. Although the meeting has not yet convened, early protest activity has commenced. I'm actually impressed by this stunt:
On Tuesday 12th November a punnet of fresh gardeners from Melbourne and interstate created a new vegetable garden in the Floral Clock opposite the National Gallery of Victoria. The new community garden space has been planted with beans, tomatoes, lettuce, sun flowers and a variety of different herbs for community consumption, as well as a large floral display saying "STOP G20".
Let's hope the next few days show examples such as this, of creative and non-violent protest.

Advice on the Stop G20 website suggests otherwise.
Violence at actions almost always occurs because of the choices of the police
If you are carrying illegal drugs or anything that the cops might see as a weapon, get rid of it now! Carrying these can put you and people around you at greater risk of state violence
And most importantly:

Protect human rights!

Human rights observers will be on site to ensure and enhance the civil, political and human rights of community members at the protests by monitoring, recording and reporting on any abuses of these rights. Their role is to reinforce the range of domestic and international legal, ethical and political constraints on police behaviour that already exist.
Oh grow up.

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