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UK Again

This comment appeared on UK Indymedia subsequent to (another) post about Israel.
Rethink needed

O come on Indymedia moderators how much more of the Israeli crap like this do we have to put up with. Even a short check via a search engine shows the many glarring mistakes (lies ?) in the above post but it is allowed to stay here as little more than one more attack on Israel (Jews ?) article.

If the UK site is to be taken seriously again as a media outlet for those within the UK activist community it needs to have a very, very serious look at the editorial decisions it is making and the way it is being manipulated by those with an anti Jewish agenda.

It was hidden.

On the other hand, Iranian Holocaust cartoon competition winner 'Latuff' has published some more blood-libel cartoons of Jews swimming in blood on UK Indymedia. Numerous comments there were hidden as well. Naturally for UK Indymedia, the artwork itself remains, despite looking like a submission to Die Stürmer (see here for comparison) or the worst of the Arab media.

UK Indymedia continues to impress and amaze.

Related Indy Media Watch Post here.

I saw this post and the comment that was hidden (surprise, surprise).
You will note that comments by the poster Jackslucid are not hidden. This poster has a history of dubious posts every one of which concerns Jews, let me repeat that for emphasis - EVERY ONE OF WHICH CONCERNS JEWS.

Jacks posts and comments are never hidden

Jackslucid is an Indymedia moderator
Poor old Jackslucid is somewhat of an embarrresment for the British Indymedia site with his regular posting of articles and comments about Jews.
I've always imagined him sitting alone in a small bedsit rocking back and forth mumbling to himself,
"The Jews, the Jews, they're everywhere, they're watching me"

I don't think he's a full on racist more in need of some friends (a girlfriend maybe ?)
Ah yes the infamous Jackslucid !

He doesn't just content himself with the UK Indymedia site to spew his Jew hating. Here for example on the Liberty Forum (sic) we see his love in with a Nazi

Even on a Defence forum he is active with yet more anti Jewish rants

On an American discussion forum he was back again with more of it

However the best of all is his attempts to find a girlfriend via a number of online dating sites. This one is the funniest

he he he he he he

I remember the quote from an FBI agent who was asked what stopped young man from involvement in computer hacking his reply may well be relevant here as well,
"We notice it stops around the same time they lose their virginity"
Jackslucid never gets hidden because he is one of the Moderators who run the site. There is another one called Roy Bard who posts as 'ftp' or 'Free the Peeps'. Bard is a member of the International Solidarity Movement which has done so much harm in Israel and Palestine.

Although I admire those who have worked hard to try and return Indymedia in the UK to the original ideal they have little chance of success as long as so much of the power and control is in the hands of a small unelected elite who deny access to others. The anti Jewish feelings of those who control Indymedia UK rise to the surface with predictable regularity and have contributed to the fall off in support and funding.
"Latuff" has found it increasingly difficult to get his anti-semitic shit published since people discovered his views. You Tube won't take his work and he has been reduced to publishing via porn websites.

It goes without saying that Indymedia continues to give him at outlet
Actually, Latuff does appear on Youtube so I assume your claim refers to some/much of his other material but not a blanket ban.

Interestingly, his video on Youtube has commenting disabled. No doubt he can't handle criticism of his vile views. Amusing for someone who claims to support free speech and opposes censorship...

Moreover, if you watch the video I linked to, and note the transcript (click the 'more' link under the decscription you'll see from his pronunciation and stumbling that he clearly does not understand the words he is saying (even though I'm sure he agrees with them).

This prompts me to believe someone else wrote them. I wonder who is bankrolling this creep.
Re You Tube Comments.

the guess of the previous poser was correct, when a number of people took the time to point out the many and obvious flaws in the video Latuff demanded they be removed (shades of Indymedia?) at the same time refusing to answer any of them.

My view is that he should be allowed to publish because only when the wider world sees his bigotry will they understand why so many are laughing at him.

Racism and Facism will always be defeated by humour
"I wonder whi is bankrolling this creep"

In 2006, Latuff placed second and won $4,000 in the Iranian International Holocaust Cartoon Competition

'nuff said
you neocons just dont get it do ????

we dont care what you and your facist friends think we will run the indymedia uk site in anyway we think and you can do NOTHING about it !!!!

the revolution is coming and you and your zionist paymasters are going to lose everything
you neocons just dont get it do ????

we dont care what you and your facist friends think we will run the indymedia uk site in anyway we think and you can do NOTHING about it !!!!

the revolution is coming and you and your zionist paymasters are going to lose everything

Another acne-plastered bung chaser acts tough. Ho-hum.

Bring it on, Bad Boy. And bring your spell checker with you.

Take a look at

the comment replying to Gehrig says it all really and explains why Indymedia is why it is...
"your zionist paymasters "

Zionist paymasters ??? Where's my money Mr Watcher in that case. Had I known this site was really a front for the great Zionist Concpricay I would have been sending an invoice after contributing !!!
"zionist paymasters" is the typically childish "I know you are, but what am I?" crap from the Unbathed terrorist fellators.

We all know where the indymedia gets it's "donations" from, don't we? Ever since September 11 of 2001, the Appeasers/Collaborators have shown their willingness to bend over for the Religion of Fece™, and it hasn't been lost on the terrorists.
OHMS hits a good point here. AlthoughIslmaic funding of Indymeida has never been proven bias toward Islam and against other religions has certainly been shown on many times.

I'd like to make my position clear, I'm against all religion and faith finding it a laughable throwback to when peoples were less educated however I do undertand the benefit it brings to some and as such think that all mainstream religion and faith should be tolerated. Indymedia takes a view popular on the "intellectual left" (sic) that Christianity is in some way inferior to Islam, I never understood this for ages until of course I saw and heard a rally for Palestine - Christianity and Judaism are popular in America. Now it all makes sense !!
It is kind of ironic that the sort of anti-semitic, Hitler apologising, holocaust denying fuckwits that people are condemning on this site (who nonetheless have somehow convinced themselves that they are 'progressives') come back here accusing people here of being fascist (without even being able to spell it correctly, that is. What a strange topsy turvy world it is!!
Good grief:

Indymedia would not dream of putting up this sort of material if it related to any other group, apart from the Jews. its hypocrisy is staggering
davec - you may or may not have noticed that the watcher does not subscribe to my views. However, I'm sure you're not so obtuse as to think that he is guilty of "putting up this [my] sort of material".

I'm sure you'll be delighted to know that it is hidden.
I am afraid I do not know who you are Sam, so cannot comment or your or the watchers views. I am also not sure what you are implying in your post. I truly hope you are not implying that I am somehow responsible for this odious post - because I am not - the fact is there are plenty of antis-semites out there, convincing themselves that they are somehow 'progressives' and many of them do post stuff up on Indymedia UK.

The fact that more and more people are coming to this site to complain about it is because it is deeply offensive and yet is apparently not being effectively tackled on IMCUK

And yes, I am absolutely fucking delighted that this bigoted shite has been hidden this time. I hope the trend continues.
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