Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Call me an Ambulance

San Francisco Indymedia joined much of the world media when it ran an article claiming Israeli Jets target Lebanese Red Cross Ambulences(sic).

A thorough debunking of this story has been written here, including the highly questionable images supplied by... Indymedia.

Indymedia's previous shilling for Hezbollah and other terrorist groups here.

Hizbollah ran a highly effective spin campaign during the recent conflict. Bodies were used over and over for the "shocking" pictures. The infamous Green Helmeted 'rescue worker' was everywhere, photo shop got plenty of work amd staged photos were set up time and time again.
All this is not new but was is unprecedented is how the Western media were willing to accept these photos and reports even when the sources were shown to be lying. Organisations like the BBC, Rueters, the PA and others all ran reports and used pictures that were faked. Only a concerted campaign in the US stopped the work of one photo Shop journalists work from staying on the Reuters website. Indymedia of course were more than happy to show untrue reports and photos.
As we saw with the scandle over the so called Rachael Corrie murder, the faked reports on the shelling of the family on the beach and now the ambulance story Indymedia is always happy to publish stories that are critical of Jews and Israel regardless of the facts.
Compare this with reports that show dead Jewish children - hidden or removed without explanation. A photo report last year showing Nazi desacration of Jewish graves in London and Paris removed from the UK Indymedia site becaise there was "no evidence of Nazi involvement" ! As though that made any difference.
The bias is clear, obvious and offensive.
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