Monday, October 31, 2005


World Can't Wait (Only one more day of waiting)

After keeping us waiting for months, the World Can't Wait protest happens tomorrow.

Previous reports:
and here.

I can't wait...

Update: According to the organizers' hopeless website, there are two more days to wait...

Here's a list of 'actions' across America. I welcome field-reports if anyone actually goes.

It also appears some people are screwing with the organizers:
The Sacramento contact, is me. Laughing

I have been manipulating local events. These people are idiots. They follow me, a random hotmail address.

A bunch of dipshits are going to show up downtown on Wednesday and stare at each other, wondering who is in charge. I made sure to drop the cops an anonymous tip. There are no permits, so if they veer off of the sidewalk, they face arrest. I hope they have fun. Of course, I will be there to observe the loony left clusterfuck.
It's interesting to note that several protests have involved protesters staring at each other wondering who is in charge, so I don't expect this interference will have much effect.

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