Monday, October 31, 2005


Free iPod

No, not a 'win an iPod' chain letter, but a new call to arms to Save the Critical Mass/Reclaim The Streets bike sound system!.
I'm currently facing two court cases in San Francisco for the being ticketed while riding the bike soundsystem. Both cases share the same charge of California Vehicle Code section 27007 (which has to do with vehicles with amplified sound). The first ticket was received when I was pulled over by the CHP at the May 2005 SF Critical Mass. The second ticket was from the September 2005 SF Critical Mass ride when I was pulled over by the SFPD. In July 2005, I was also arrested while riding the bike soundsystem at the G8 protest in San Francisco. My bike, soundsystem trailer and iPod were all confiscated and it took about a month and a half to get them out (on the day of the August 2005 SF Critical Mass).

Bike Sound System - Image Hosted by

What is it with protesters and ridiculously loud sound systems?

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