Saturday, October 29, 2005


I Got Mail

Some time ago, I wrote of an article entitled "Tips on Effective Propaganda" which originally appeared on the Global Indymedia site (and is now 404 for some reason, Google cache here). Go and read my whole post here and come back. I'll wait.

This morning, as a result of the author Googling for the heading of the article, that post received the following comment, colourfully reproduced below in full:
Well, I just have to say I feel very misrepresented and offended. I don't know where to start but I feel whomever wrote the abstract for my document is a complete and total asshole, and an uneducated one at that. I have attended a state university at the cost of $20,000 in loans in my name; and while I may not be the smartest person in the room I can form a damn "sentance". Your arrogance stinks!! If you want to point fingers the last sentance in your "review" isn't a complete sentance; nor does it make sense. It's inappropriate to start a sentance with a proposition... "Or". Ok, so now that we've established you suck I really don't appreciate your uneducated opionions smeared all over my hard work. If a "review" is neccesary it is absolutly inappropriate to include such misguided personal opinions.
For your information jerk wad, People reading this will gain freedom. PERIOD. Freedom. Jerk.

Second what does "well written proof read media" have to do with ANYTHING in middle america???

This guide is usefull to just about anyone in the political movement, just as it says in the introduction. Why you have to fabricate some silly nonsense about how this guide is not is what? what are you saying?! I can't even understand that last bit.

As the commenter didn't leave an email address, I have no means of replying to ask what the hell s/he is talking about. Therefore I shall do so publicly instead.

Firstly, and most importantly, if you are going to correct my spelling and grammar, you'll want to check your own very carefully. When I saw your first comment that said "I can form a damn "sentance"" (sic) I assumed you were accusing me of incorrectly spelling "sentence' and was going to suggest it were merely a typo. Looking again at your subsequent spelling, I noticed I hadn't made a mistake in the first place, and not only do you not know how to spell sentence, you evidently don't understand the use of quotation marks (or scare quotes). This is the reason I have highlighted other mistakes in your rant.

Which state university was it you attended for $20 000? Do you feel you got your money's worth? What were their entry criteria?

You then ask "what does "well written proof read media" have to do with ANYTHING in middle america???"

Perhaps if you understood how and when to apply capital letters, you wouldn't need to ask. As you don't, I shan't bother explaining it, being "arrogant" and all. You then claim the document in its current form is useful to "just about anyone in the political movement". Good heavens! As what?

As for my "shitty remarks" being in violation of "the spirit of the distribution agreement" (I have changed to lower case by the way) I have two words: Fair Use. See also "misguided personal opinions" and ask yourself whether you are mature enough to handle fair criticism. Your liberal use of the words "jerk", "shitty" "ass" and "buttholes" in your first ever contact with myself, suggest you are not.

As for removing your document from the Indymedia website? Your request is aimed at the wrong party. Save for quoting a couple of lines, I merely linked to an Indymedia reprint of your piece. If you find a way to get them to respect copyright or fairness in any form, do let me know your secret.

Finally, if you are going to tell that "It's inappropriate to start a sentance (sic) with a proposition" you should note that I didn't. "Or" is a conjunction and I suspect you really meant "preposition".

I hope you didn't get hurt falling off your high horse. Here's a proposition for you: You apologize publicly for insulting me, and I may decide not to laugh at you for months to come.

I t hinking that he makes sentances while typing quikc becuase he is full of passon! U shuld respekt his opoinnions as he is educated at the State univeristy. Don't you know that he is your better?!?!

But seriously, what is it with people on Indymedia being so angry all the time? Shouldn't Indymedia just be renamed to "Mr. and Mrs. Stinky Poo-poo Pants's Site of Unrecognized Angst?"

[This comment is brought to you by the word "LO" and the letter "L"]
hey, Icans speel good, you dumdumhead poopyfase! If yo say i cant sepll good then you are big jigantik stoopidhead.

yeah, thats right. im al abuot that casrto guyin cuba. plus you big dumdumheadpoopyhedfaces dont no about how soshilizm wurks.

me feeel sorry 4 U turdz. koz yer missin out on lotsnlots of free helth cayre.

bunch of poopoos

Yeah, Indymedia types are always angry. I had an Indymedia friend (had being the operative word) who would foam at the mouth everytime he spoke about jews. It was quite funny actually, little bits of spit would start flying out the sides of his mouth as he ranted off some post he'd read earlier on Indymedia. Strange thing is the guy also reads Mein Kampf and Nexus magazine... well, maybe not that strange come to think of it.

Thank G-D for the comic relief supplied by the right.
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